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SCP-3883 upon acquisition.

Item #: SCP-3883

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3883 is to be kept in a standard secure locker in Site-16. Access to SCP-3883 requires Level-2 or higher authorization.

Personnel requesting permission for testing with SCP-3883 must first submit a detailed experimental procedures log to the project supervisor.

Description: SCP-3883 is a green tentacle-shaped silicone dildo measuring 16.5 cm in length. Two anomalous properties are associated with SCP-3883: the first effect manifests when SCP-3883 is placed in front of a reflective surface, while the second effect manifests when a human individual enters REM sleep1 within a 1.5 meter radius of the object.

When SCP-3883 is placed in front of a reflective surface2, the resulting reflection will differ in appearance from SCP-3883, depending on the type of reflective surface used to view the object. A brief overview of the altered reflections is as follows:

Reflective Surface Reflection
Mirrors3 Unremarkable (normal) reflection of SCP-3883.
Liquids A green Octopus vulgaris (common octopus).
Transparent (non-opaque) windows A green humanoid with multiple appendages hanging from the lower face. It appears to have an unguligrade4 posture.
Technological Screens5 A green, spherical organism. Features include a single eye on the front of the body and multiple appendages that protrude from the top of the body. Additional eyes are present on the end of the appendages.
Food-related Items6 A green organism with a resemblance to Asterias rubens (common sea star). The reflection exhibits behavior similar to the feeding habits of Asterias rubens, namely ejecting its stomach outwards. This is believed to be an attempted threat display.

When a human enters the REM sleep phase while within 1.5 meters of SCP-3883, they will enter a mental state involving highly-realistic dreams7. The affected individual will be unable to leave this mental state by their own will; to return to full consciousness, they must either experience a "death" within the dream or be woken up by an outside force. SCP-3883 can only affect one individual at a time.

Dreams reported by individuals affected by SCP-3883 are varied in detail, but possess repeating themes. All SCP-3883 experimentation subjects report being chased by an antagonistic entity, designated SCP-3883-1. SCP-3883-1 has been noted to appear under multiple guises, but tends to be described as a large figure (standing over 10 meters tall), possessing multiple appendages and colored a bright green similar to SCP-3883 in hue. SCP-3883-1 has demonstrated signs of sapience, and based on collected data it is currently theorized that SCP-3883-1 is an alternate manifestation of SCP-3883.

Communication can be established with SCP-3883-1 by a sleeping individual simply speaking to it during a dream. When engaged in conversation, SCP-3883-1 has exhibited differing demeanors with members of Foundation personnel it has interacted with. See the attached interview logs for details.

Addendum 3883-1: As per Interview 3883-03, a request has been made to allow at least one D-Class individual (or research personnel member unaware of SCP-3883's effects) to sleep near SCP-3883 once weekly. Approval for the change to containment procedures is pending.

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