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Item #: SCP-3876

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The items comprising Lot 76 are to be kept on display in Lab 2-A5 in the Bio Wing of Site-81. SCP-3876 is to be held upright in a stand to facilitate the retrieval of SCP-3876-1 instances. In the event of a SCP-3876-1 manifestation, the Level 3 Researcher on duty should be notified.

Additional Containment Procedures_25JUN2016: In the event of a SCP-3876-1 manifestation, SCP-3876-2 (or the current true copy or transcript on file) should be consulted, and any resulting information be provided to the Level 3 Researcher on duty.

Description: SCP-3876 is an ornate silver-plated bouquet holder. It is conical, approximately 18 cm in length, and approximately 7 cm across at the open end. Attached roughly at the midpoint is a fine silver chain approximately 5 cm in length. This chain terminates in a silver pin, which can be inserted into a small hole near the open end, serving to secure a bouquet placed within.

Through anomalous means, SCP-3876 spontaneously manifests bouquets, collectively designated SCP-3876-1. SCP-3876-1 vary in composition, generally consisting of at least three different floral components. Instances appear usually appear within SCP-3876. If SCP-3876 is not empty at the time of an SCP-3876-1 manifestation, contents will usually be displaced to a nearby surface. Review of high-speed video indicates that these manifestations and displacements are instant.

Beyond manifestation, SCP-3876-1 do not appear to possess anomalous properties; examination of individual components of SCP-3876-1 show them to be representative specimens of their respective species. While SCP-3876-1 instances can appear with no apparent trigger, SCP-3876 has always been observed to produce an instance of SCP-3876-1 when encountering an individual with whom it has not had prior contact; the overall composition will vary, but these SCP-3876-1 instances will always contain yellow roses.

Discovery: SCP-3876 was one of several anomalous items retrieved from an auction warehouse in Indianapolis, IN, after the death of the owner, POI-707249, during an attempted burglary.1 The body of POI-707249 was discovered in the front office by custodial staff on the evening of April 12, 2016. MTF Iota-10 (“Damn Feds”) intercepted the 911 call, and secured the building in the guise of local law enforcement. Certain auction lots deemed ‘evidence’ were re-routed to various Foundation holdings, including ‘Lot 76’.

MTF Iota-10 found little documentation regarding Lot 76 in the paperwork recovered from the warehouse. An intake manifest listed a fan, a broach with several pendant items, a Commonplace Book,2 and a hinged wooden box containing a bouquet holder: SCP-3876. SCP-3876 was noted as the only anomalous item in the collection, and its ability to produce bouquets was briefly discribed. Inside the box with SCP-3876 was a cabinet card portrait of a young couple in Victorian attire.3

Incident 3876-████

Addendum_25JUN2016: SCP-3876-2

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