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Item #: SCP-3875

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers and embedded agents will monitor civilian communications for reports consistent with SCP-3875 activity. This monitoring focuses on locations which are both informationally dense and open to the public, such as libraries, museums, bookstores and hobby or gaming retail locations. If the presence of SCP-3875 is noted, a Foundation front company which specializes in pest control will be dispatched to eliminate any egg sacs or juveniles at the target location. They must be accompanied by either a member of MTF Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers") if any are available, or else an agent with a CRV score of 15 or above who has been trained and equipped in accordance with SCP-3875 acquisition protocols.

Personnel who encounter uncontained SCP-3875 should avoid revealing their affiliation with the Foundation. SCP-3875 regard the Foundation as hostile, and will cease communication and withdraw immediately if such affiliation is known. If necessary, it is acceptable to "trade" non-sensitive information for more information about SCP-3875's activities as a delaying tactic while awaiting the arrival of agents properly equipped for containment.

SCP-3875-1 is to be kept in a standard small animal containment chamber equipped with a Scranton Reality Anchor. Their diet consists of six live crickets per week and approximately 4000-6000 words of previously unread written material. Experimentation has proven this to be sufficient to ensure good health while minimizing the risk of escape. The anomaly has expressed a preference for works of fantasy and speculative fiction; these may be used as a reward for good behavior. If testing which involves direct interaction with researchers has recently been performed, the amount of written material may be correspondingly reduced or eliminated at the Senior Researcher's discretion.

Due to the inaccessibility of SCP-3875-0 (referred to by SCP-3875 instances as TentedBeams), the Foundation's long term strategy involves the containment of adult SCP-3875 instances, and termination of juveniles or egg sacs whenever possible. It is theorized that if this reality is deemed inhospitable by SCP-3875-0, she will cease to deploy her offspring here.

Description: SCP-3875 is a species of sapient spiders which resemble the Salticidae family of arachnids (commonly known as jumping spiders). However, adult SCP-3875 are significantly larger, with body lengths ranging from 6 to 10cm. Juvenile SCP-3875 are more difficult to identify prior to their first molting, sharing the median 1mm body length common to non-anomalous Salticidae.

SCP-3875 are insectivorous and passively infovorous,1 and rapidly decline in health when deprived of one or the other. Juveniles are passively infovorous, but do not exhibit the other anomalous qualities of SCP-3875. They may seek out high density data sources such as libraries or server stacks to feed until they mature. Juveniles absorb information indirectly through mere proximity; adult instances lose this ability and must obtain information through direct sensory experience or telepathy.

Adult instances are capable of telepathic communication within a range of 6 meters. Testing has confirmed that the other party must be aware of SCP-3875's presence and intend communication for this ability to function. Some instances are also able to exert a temporary antimemetic effect with the same radius, which obscures their own presence. This antimemetic effect is used primarily as a defense mechanism.

SCP-3875 instances seek out and initiate conversation with humans, and reportedly other sapient entities, in order to trade in information. The information offered by the targets might be anything the anomaly considers to be of interest; the information offered by SCP-3875 may be mundane or anomalous. When engaged in such transactions, SCP-3875 have been observed manipulating strands of web in their forelegs. Researchers have not yet concluded whether this activity is related to SCP-3875's capacity for instantaneous inter-reality information sharing, or merely a form of artistic expression similar to knitting.

When replete with information, an SCP-3875 instance can manipulate reality to create a trans-dimensional rift (also known as a "Way") sufficient to transport itself into another reality. The most common origin and destination reported by uncontained instances is the Location of Interest known as the Wanderer's Library. SCP-3875-1, prior to containment, reported this as the permanent home of SCP-3875-0 and asserted that she is the progenitor of all SCP-3875. Other instances Foundation personnel have been able to interview invariably support this assertion.

SCP-3875-1 has been partially cooperative while in containment. They have demonstrated the operational limits of their antimemetic effect and physical mobility, but refused to offer further information regarding other instances' locations or activities. SCP-3875-1 has repeatedly expressed willingness to trade information regarding uncontained anomalies, as well as locations and persons of interest. The fact that they were able to accurately describe objects of the Foundation's interest is considered confirmation of the anomaly's information-sharing capabilities. For this reason, further research along these lines has been deemed an unacceptable security risk.

Recovery: Agent Ruby Farmer was on assignment investigating the movements of PoI-███2 at a university library in Rockford, Illinois.

Upon noting the presence of SCP-3875-1, the agent activated her lapel camera, capturing the following video log. SCP-3875-1's statements were made telepathically. These were reconstructed later from Agent Farmer's debriefing.

Agent Farmer was commended for her actions leading to the containment of SCP-3875-1, the only successful such acquisition to date.

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