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SCP-3874 in 2005.

Item #: SCP-3874

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the SCP-GOC 1970 Accord1, direct Foundation involvement in the containment of SCP-3874 is impossible. The Foundation is to instead monitor the activities of GoI-616 "Pentagram"2 in relation to the anomaly and attempts to sabotage any known attempts to assassinate SCP-3874.

Description: SCP-3874 is the former Prime Minister (1959-1976) and President (1976-2008) of Cuba, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. Though the subject's anomalous properties remain largely unknown, it is currently believed that SCP-3874 possesses one or more of the following anomalous properties:

  • Probability-altering capabilities,
  • Clairvoyance,
  • Indestructibility/Rapid regeneration properties,
  • or Pataphysical Omniscience.

SCP-3874 has not demonstrated any of the aforementioned anomalous properties in public nor shows any signs typical of a Class-B metahuman; however, the quantity of survived assassination attempts demonstrated by SCP-3874 has been deemed most likely anomalous. According to leaked Pentagram documentation supplied by defector Matthew Shah, the organization has made over 600 attempts3 to assassinate SCP-3874 since 1963. The methods of the attempts to assassinate the subject include both anomalous and mundane means.

Attempted methods include:


SCP-3874 in 1959.

  • An exploding cigar,
  • Poisoned ice cream,
  • Contracting ex-Chicago Spirit members and UIU Persons of Interest to participate in the Bay of Pigs invasion,
  • Cognitohazardous diplomatic speech,
  • Voodoo,
  • Radioactive Para-pharmaceuticals,
  • and an Orbital Disintegration Beam.

Addendum.01: Upon discovery of SCP-3874's anomalous properties and an assassination attempt in 1975, the Foundation began covert lobbying to support the Church Committee's investigations of abuse of the United States Intelligence agencies by several departments of the state.

Due to political pressure from the Department of Defense, the Church Committee instead focused their investigations on the NSA. In response, the Foundation implemented Procedure-343FB21 "The Strong-Arm", a plan to capture William Alton Carter4. Under the guise of a terrorist front organization, the Foundation issued the threat to the President, who signed Executive Order 11905 in response, disallowing United States government employees from engaging in political assassination.

Addendum.02: Despite the signing of Executive Order 11905, Pentagram continued to undertake covert assassination attempts, most notably in 2000 when the group converted the recently captured Elián González into a sleeper agent to assassinate SCP-3874. This plan was discovered by Site-19's Lead GoI Researcher Dr. Everwood, and Foundation Intelligence Agents were dispatched to administer amnestics to González, removing all sleeper agent programming.

Addendum.03: On June 23rd, 2001, the following correspondence was received from Pentagram's Chairman and US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.


To whom it may concern,

Though the United States government understands and appreciates the service the SCPF provides to our great country and the world at large, we can no longer abide by your constant interference in national security. Even though the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union have fallen, the threat of Communism remains alive in our very front yard. A mere 90 miles from Florida lays a potential threat to the great liberties this country was founded on.

This is a humble request that you cease your interference in our foreign relations. As per the rules outlined in the Secure Contain Protect Initiative, you are not to interfere in the politics of this country outside of extraordinary circumstances. Should you continue your acts against the needs of this country, we may need to reconsider the necessity of funding the SCPF and allowing the continued operation of your bases in US soil.

From what we understand, the GOC has a more sustainable plan for anomalies than you do.



Further attempts at halting Pentagram assassination attempts on SCP-3874 are to be carried out by third party agents contracted through Foundation front companies.

Addendum.04: On the 25th of November 2016, Cuban news outlets reported on the death of SCP-3874, which was attributed to natural causes. Operation "90 Años" was launched shortly after, with the goal of retrieving the cadaver of SCP-3874 and bringing it to Facility-725 in Colombia. Due to the lack of anomalous guards or GOC operatives present at the morgue, Agent LaFerrier was able to successfully obtain the cadaver of SCP-3874 prior to cremation, substituting SCP-3874's cremains with those of D-1221's.

Upon arrival to Facility-72, an autopsy was conducted to identify any possible anomalous properties possessed by SCP-3874. No results were found. Additional experiments yielded no results. The cause of death was additionally confirmed to be natural and no involvement of Pentagram was found in relation to the death of SCP-3874.

On January 1st 2017, Agent LaFerrier, disguised as a new Venezuelan diplomat, was tasked with approaching Raul Castro6 and attempting to gather any information regarding SCP-3874's anomalous properties.

Addendum.05: Following an interview with Raul Castro, it was determined that SCP-3874 did not at any point possess anomalous properties. Though Foundation statisticians have questioned the possibility of a mundane human surviving and evading over 600 assassination attempts, the possibility is non-anomalously more than 0, therefore rendering it possible.

SCP-3874's documentation is to be reclassified immediately.

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