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Item #: SCP-3870

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A specialized surveillance team of at least fifteen personnel is to be assigned to monitor news reports and traffic camera accident footage for SCP-3870 appearances in public areas. Should SCP-3870 be identified with relation to any accidents involving injury or property damage, the surveillance team is to distribute misinformation in the area accordingly and administer amnestics as necessary. Any individuals determined to have encountered SCP-3870 are to be monitored for unusual behavior.

Any companies associated with ice-cream products within 100 kilometers of SCP-3870's current ICU location are to be routinely evaluated for pertinent information. Incidents of severe employee injuries are to be reported and investigated by the surveillance team.

The physical comatose body of SCP-3870 is to remain in the intensive care unit of a Foundation-affiliated hospital.1 The room SCP-3870 is assigned to is to be equipped with hidden cameras, and staff caring for the patient are to ensure that the room is empty of visitors for at least one hour each day. All expenses required for ongoing treatment are to be paid for under the guise of a philanthropist fund for medical research. Any family members seeking to visit the ICU are to be properly screened and administered low-dose amnestics upon departure.

Encounters with SCP-3870-1 are to be documented in detail. Should any Foundation personnel be approached by SCP-3870-1, they are to refuse all offers of contractual agreements or discussion unless properly trained in the relevant interviewing technique. A dossier of acceptable terms and conditions for negotiation is to be provided to all staff assigned to the SCP-3870 case, and kept updated as new information on SCP-3870-1 is acquired.

Description: SCP-3870 is a Japanese-American human male, appearing approximately 13-14 years of age, currently rendered comatose due to a traffic accident2 involving an ice-cream truck collision. Despite its apparent non-responsive state, SCP-3870 is noted to periodically disappear from and reappear in its ICU room at the █████ █████ Hospital.

During the periods of disappearance, sightings of SCP-3870 in public locations have been observed. These sightings usually involve the individual riding a bicycle identical to the one recovered from the scene of the aforementioned accident. While SCP-3870 manifestations tend to occur within a 65-kilometer radius of the █████ █████ Hospital, it is currently unknown if there is a maximum range of its manifestation ability. The fastest speed SCP-3870 has been observed to reach while on its bicycle is 20 km/hour.

Attempts to accost SCP-3870 while manifested outside its ICU facility have indicated that it is highly resistant to most types of physical damage when active, and can trigger a return to its comatose state and location if fatigued. The minimum amount of time in-between successive manifestations is noted to be approximately 11 hours. While active, SCP-3870 does not respond to any attempts to communicate with it.

SCP-3870 exhibits aggressive behaviors towards specific individuals, namely workers associated with some form of ice-cream product. The aggression (exhibited in the form of stalking, bodily harm, attempts to cause vehicular accidents, and framing individuals for additional crimes) seems to be directed equally at all of the aforementioned individuals regardless of their background history.

Based on current Foundation records, the most common tactic used by SCP-3870 to inflict harm involves simply colliding with its target3 while riding its bicycle at high speeds. Thus far, the Foundation has attributed ██ life-threatening injuries to SCP-3870.

Occasionally, SCP-3870 will severely injure a worker instead of attempting to completely incapacitate them. This is believed to occur in order to aid SCP-3870-1.

SCP-3870-1 is the designation assigned to an entity that has been briefly observed following SCP-3870 encountering and non-fatally dispatching one of its targets. SCP-3870-1 appears to be an androgynous humanoid, possessing a series of small irregular sharp protrusions along its forehead and shoulders. SCP-3870-1 is typically attired in various suits, apparently following the dress code of a Japanese salaryman. SCP-3870-1 has been noted to spontaneously appear and communicate with the worker targeted by SCP-3870, speaking for a few minutes before offering a handshake and departing on foot.

Attempts to track SCP-3870-1 following these interactions have proven unsuccessful. When questioned by Foundation agents, injured civilians who encountered SCP-3870-1 reported only remembering that "a nice person" offered them assistance. Follow-up interviews have only uncovered minimal details, though affected individuals consistently respond that SCP-3870-1 provided them some form of treatment that allowed them to recover from their injuries quickly. None of the interviewees could ascertain how they were able to compensate SCP-3870-1 for the service, but all individuals interviewed expressed a satisfaction with the transaction and a desire to seek further assistance from SCP-3870-1.

Very little information is known about SCP-3870-1, and as such communication has not been established. (Refer to Addendum SCP-3870-2.)

Addendum SCP-3870-1: SCP-3870 was first brought to Foundation attention following a series of 911 emergency calls intercepted over the course of three months, mentioning a child on a bicycle appearing and colliding with an ice-cream truck. In all recorded cases, the driver of the vehicle sustained serious injuries, but was noted to have recovered unusually quickly.

Subsequent investigations of the incidents revealed a consistency in the reported physical appearance of the child individual involved. Using this information, cross-referenced with prior accident records, the Foundation was able to match the physical description of the child to the comatose body of SCP-3870.

The legal guardians of SCP-3870, who remained uninvolved in the media coverage of these accidents, did not present any resistance to the transfer of the individual to a Foundation-owned hospital.

Addendum SCP-3870-2: On ██/██/20██, SCP-3870-1 spontaneously manifested in the room where the comatose body of SCP-3870 was held. Dr. Brickston, a Level-2 researcher assigned to the case, was present during the manifestation. Foundation specialists were later brought in to routinely provide guidance on how to best interact with the entity.

Following a period of negotiation with the support of a Foundation legal team, Dr. Brickston has since negotiated an ongoing contract with the entity: it was agreed upon that in exchange for SCP-3870-1 being present for 30 minutes of interview time every 30 days, Brickston would provide a detailed account of SCP-3870's current health and any medical developments.

Addendum SCP-3870-3: SCP-3870-1 has since manifested approximately once a month for recurring interviews. The following excerpt is from the third interview, in which the Foundation was first able to obtain additional information regarding SCP-3870's motivations.

Further discussion is ongoing regarding how to continue low-risk interaction with SCP-3870-1. At present, the Foundation's foremost concern is finding some means of intervention to prevent further casualties caused by SCP-3870, without violating contractual agreements set by SCP-3870-1.

Addendum SCP-3870-4: On ██/██/20██, SCP-3870-1 did not manifest for its scheduled monthly interview, and SCP-3870 disappeared from its room during the usual interview time. After running a facial-recognition satellite sweep of the surrounding area, the surveillance team assigned to SCP-3870 reported that both SCP-3870 and SCP-3870-1 had been found at a cemetery in close proximity to the █████ █████ Hospital. SCP-3870 and SCP-3870-1 appeared to be speaking together while visiting a grave, later identified as belonging to the deceased brother of SCP-3870.

Due to the parents of SCP-3870 not being involved with the lives of SCP-3870 and the subject's brother, discussions have arisen regarding placing SCP-3870 in Foundation custody. Thus far, no actions have been taken regarding these discussions.

Addendum SCP-3870-5: On ██/██/20██, when SCP-3870-1 manifested for its usual interview, it was accompanied by a young male child later confirmed to be the formerly-deceased brother of SCP-3870. SCP-3870-1 stated that SCP-3870 had fulfilled its first contract, and related a request from SCP-3870 to Dr. Brickston regarding the care of SCP-3870's brother. The brother of SCP-3870 has since been brought into Foundation custody, and has been tentatively classified as POI-3870.

To reflect these recent events, a proposal has been made to change the object class of SCP-3870 to Neutralized.

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