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Recovered instances of SCP-3866

Item #: SCP-3866

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-3866 are to be kept in a secure container at Site-23. Testing may only take place if a long-term humanoid containment pod is available.

Description: SCP-3866 refers to a group of unmarked pharmaceutical tablets recovered during the raid of an amateur medical facility in Palm Beach, Florida (See Addendum SCP-3866-1 for details).

Ingestion of SCP-3866 causes the subject to immediately enter a hibernation-like state, lowering brain activity immensely and slowing the subject's heart-rate to approximately one beat every thirty-four days. It is currently unknown exactly how long an individual can survive in this state, although estimates project that a human can survive for at least 3,000 years1. There is no known method to achieve this state with modern medical equipment.

Addendum SCP-3866-1: On 04/18/20██, MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") commenced an investigation of an unnamed amateur medical facility offering euthanasia in Palm Beach, Florida. The majority of the patients who approached the facility sought physician-assisted suicide. The investigation was initiated after the onset of an ΩK-Class end-of-death scenario. Due to the nature of the Scenario, it was necessary to determine if the operation was fraudulent or anomalous.

Monitoring of the facility showed that the operation was, to some degree, both fraudulent and anomalous. It did not terminate the patients, and what results it did achieve, were obtained through anomalous means. Once patients ingested SCP-3866, employees of the facility would bury the body behind the facility.

MTF Epsilon-6 raided the facility on 04/29/20██, and apprehended all personnel. This included the leader of the operation, Jacob Possman. A series of text messages were recovered from Possman's phone between him and an individual labeled in Possman's contacts as "dado"2.

Ok, I was told to message you directly about details about the medicine, but just making sure, you talked to Alex Bennings right?

yes. spoke with bening. good talk.

So, are you able to make pills for euthanasia?

uthanasia? y u need asian pills?

No, like… like pills used for putting people down?

like cyanide?

Sorta? But less painful. Like a peaceful sleep.

o. yes yes i have pill 4 u. longest sleep.

Good. How long do you think it will take to get the first batch to me?

depends on wether. i dont like rain.

What's rain gotta do with it?

no fun walking in rain. would have to deliver on different day.

Wait, are you delivering them yourself? By foot?

u asked how long for me to get to you.

No, like… how long until you'll have the pills made.

o. they done.



And they work?

hamster still asleep.

Wow, you really do work as fast as they say.

this is y u trust dado.

Alright, we'll come pick them up then. You got somewhere to meet?

ask bening. be there soon.

Ok, see you there in an hour.

Interrogation of Possman yielded the exact address of the meeting. At the address was a small apartment containing only a phone, a half-eaten donut, three empty Amazon delivery boxes, and a mattress.

Addendum SCP-3866-2: Between 07/03/20██ and 07/16/20██, civilians reported vocalizations from the area behind the medical facility, generally in the form of screaming, weeping, or retching. Investigation into the disturbance determined that the noise was caused by 541 buried ex-patients of the medical facility, 491 of whom had been buried without a casket. After the patients were exhumed, medical personnel extracted all soil, minerals, and insects from their bodies to remove evidence of the event. Personnel then administered the patients amnestics, and returned them to society with appropriate cover stories.

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