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SCP-3863-1-D briefly following the installation of a sanitary rubber ring around the entrance created by SCP-3863.

Item #: SCP-3863

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-3863 is deferred to GoI-466 (Wilson's Wildlife Solutions) as per the Boring Agreement1. Instances of SCP-3863-1 are to be milked twice daily by personnel who are not allergic to bees.

Hosts suitable for SCP-3863 instances are to be provided to Wilson's personnel in observance of Hatching Events.


SCP-3863 mid-flight.

Description: SCP-3863 is a species of honeybee similar to Apis mellifera which form a symbiotic relationship with mammals. SCP-3863 will burrow a sizable hole through the skin, flesh, and eventually, stomachs/smaller intestines of affected subjects, hereafter referred to as SCP-3863-1. Once inside, SCP-3863 will construct masses of hexagonal prisms similar to honeycombs within the host's digestive system. Despite this, instances do not appear to suffer pain or other negative side effects. Following the construction of an initial hive, SCP-3863 will continue to behave as non-anomalous bees and collect pollen and nectar.

Following infestation, SCP-3863-1 instances will no longer need to consume their usual dietary material and are instead sustained primarily by a mixture of honey and nectar2. Though SCP-3863-1 become sterile post-infection, their udders will engorge as if they were feeding offspring.

SCP-3863-1 instances require milking in a process similar to non-anomalous livestock. The substance produced is a viscous dark orange semi-liquid chemically identical to honey, though it possesses nearly triple the normal quantity of the nutritional mineral iron. This substance possesses no anomalous properties aside from its origin. The Foundation has permitted Wilson's Wildlife Solutions to harvest and sell SCP-3863-1 byproduct within the Three Portlands area (Please contact GoI-466 liaison Roger Tarpan for additional information).


Enhanced color image of a newly constructed hive within SCP-3863-1-D's upper stomach.

Hatching Events: Hatching Events occur between 11-13 months of the infestation of an SCP-3863-1 instance and are denoted by upwards of 80% of a colony's SCP-3863 instances swarming outside a host. This may last up to 72 hours, after which a queen instance will emerge accompanied by 10-15 drones in search of a new host. During this time, a mature dairy cow is to be introduced to the SCP-3863 containment facility and supervised from outside the enclosure until infestation takes place.

Addendum- List of SCP-3863-1 instances in containment:

SCP-3863-1 Designation Species Notes
SCP-3863-1-A Dairy Cow Original SCP-3863 colony found in Boring, Oregon.
SCP-3863-1-B Goat Accidental instance of SCP-3863-1. First known instance of infection.
SCP-3863-1-C Dairy Cow First successful Foundation-created instance of SCP-3863-1.
SCP-3863-1-D Dairy Cow Next instance creation is due 10/10/2019
SCP-3863-1-E3 Human Formerly WWS employee Jason Corthon, additional accidental instance. Expresses mild discomfort during milking but has not reported any other negative effects in regards to SCP-3863 or its conversion into an instance of SCP-3863-1.

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