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Sketch drawn by SCP-3861 affected subject depicting their view through a mirror.

Item #: SCP-3861

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation assets embedded in the United States Postal Service are to intercept any packages with a return address listing "TheThirteenAndYou" as the return address. The contents of these boxes are to be stored within a Site-77 vault. The packaging is not considered to be part of the anomaly, but should still be retained for DNA analysis and other potential evidence.

Description: SCP-3861 designates a series of identical letters sent to individuals who have used commercial genetic testing kits. The letter appears to be from a service aligned with the genetic testing company, claiming to have detected that the subject has something in their past in need of resolution, and offering to help them put it to rest.

Examples of such regretted actions have included abortions, not reaching out to family members regarding abuse committed by other relatives, a failure to answer a phone call or text from a friend who subsequently committed suicide, and the decision to take a loved one off of life support.

If the individual responds positively to the letter, the next time they look into any reflective surface, they will see a group of thirteen figures seemingly identical to family members, current or former friends, and other individuals familiar to the subject; not all of whom are necessarily relevant or aware of the guilt-causing choice. If the subject looks away, they will continue to perceive the conversation exactly where it left off the next time they view a reflective surface.

A humanoid figure, silhouetted and with its back facing the subject and speaking with a muffled voice will begin asking the replicas questions concerning the action taken by the subject and whether or not the choice causing the distress was the correct one. All of this is only perceptible to the subject. Although all thirteen figures will take on personalities similar to the people they are depicting, any knowledge, memories, and beliefs appear to be more reflective to the subject's perception and biases of the perceived persons rather than how the persons may exist in reality. After one hour, all SCP-3861 related effects will abruptly cease. Most subjects have attempted to obtain some form of therapy or similar outlets for their distress afterwards.

The only known universal effect among those who have experienced SCP-3861 is the appearance of a strong interest in organizing a family reunion.

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