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Item #: SCP-3860

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3860 is to be contained within a Type S Anti-Thaumatological Humanoid Anomaly Containment Cell at Site-19's High Security Humanoid Containment Wing. The cell is to be inspected daily for both contraband and attempts to breach containment. Physiological and psychological evaluations of SCP-3860 are to occur on a weekly basis to address SCP-3860's attempts at self-repair and potential mental deterioration. Any physiological changes made by SCP-3860 to itself are to be logged and evaluated for potential threat to containment.

SCP-3860 may be provided with mechanical and thaumatological components as means of coercing valuable intelligence. All components must be approved by both SCP-3860's primary investigator, a thaumatological consult, and Site Command prior to application. Any components which could potentially assist SCP-3860 in breach of containment are to be denied. Components may be removed from SCP-3860 to ease containment.

Description: SCP-3860 is the former PoI-1115 (Vincent Anderson), a 67-year-old white male and former CEO/Founder of GoI-1115 (Anderson Robotics)1. SCP-3860's body has undergone numerous augmentation of various systems using a combination of thaumatological techniques and advanced prosthetic technology. These augmentations include, but are not limited to:

  • Replacement of both arms and legs with prosthetics constructed from combinations of aluminum, PMMA, polycarbonate casings, and white aramid fibers2. These prosthetics do not possess any discernible power source, and possess a network of thin cobalt-chromium alloy wires that connect into SCP-3860's central nervous system.
  • Replacement of both eyes with a complex series of optical lenses. Observation of these lenses during physical exams has shown them to be embedded with numerous thaumatological symbols.
  • Replacement of the nose by a single grated orifice.
  • Grafts of a white aramid fiber over various locations on the torso. These fibers have been demonstrated to weave into SCP-3860's non-anomalous tissues, and are capable of migrating to and filling in any scar tissue sustained by SCP-38603.
  • Apparent replacement of the liver and kidneys with synthetic variations. Due to the inability to fully study these components without their removal from SCP-3860, the full extent of their differences from non-anomalous tissue is unknown.
  • A series of augmentations to various regions of the brain including the frontal and parietal lobes4, as well as the cerebellum.

Subsequent interviews with SCP-3860 indicate all augmentations were self-implemented, with SCP-3860 insisting it designed and worked alone on each one. The means by which SCP-3860 was able to perform these traumatic procedures on itself and survive are currently under investigation.

SCP-3860 was initially apprehended by operatives of MTF Gamma-13 ("Asimov's Lawbringers") on 15/11/2018, during a sting operation within the Three Portlands Location of Interest5. Unbeknownst to SCP Foundation operatives, SCP-3860 avoided full apprehension until the joint UIU/Foundation raid on the Anderson Robotics Headquarters on 24/5/2024.

Addendum: 3860-1: Interview Log 3860-6

Addendum: 3860-2: Update 2/2/2027

As a result of increasing difficulty operating several of its augmentations, SCP-3860 has greatly expanded the number of requested components to facilitate its self-repair over the course of the last six months. A notably larger proportion of these requested components are believed to be of a thaumatological nature. SCP-3860 has likewise increased its cooperation with Foundation investigation efforts as a means of acquiring these components. SCP-3860 denies any change in behavior during interviews at this time.

Addendum: 3860-3: Interview Log 3860-13

Addendum: 3860-4: Update 3/3/2038

SCP-3860 has greatly diminished its number of requested components over the course of the last three months, with SCP-3860 failing to make any more additional component requests after 15/2/2038. During this time period, SCP-3860 has become increasingly emaciated despite no change in nutrition levels and no discernible illness. SCP-3860 still maintains a high level of cooperation with the Foundation's investigative efforts. As before, SCP-3860 denies any changes in behavior.

Addendum: 3860-5: Interview Log 3860-32

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