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Item #: SCP-3858

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Until such a time where a permanent containment solution has been established, Foundation web crawlers have been set up to detect and remove links to SCP-3858 on publically-visible websites. SCP-3858-A instances created by civilians should be confiscated and incinerated, any .lmb files deleted from their computer and the civilian amnesticised.

Description: SCP-3858 is an anomalous filesharing network named "Hugbox", formerly available at the URL "" prior to Foundation intervention. The front page of SCP-3858's website advertises "end-to-end organic encryption": this is believed to refer to the primary anomalous property of SCP-3858, where it converts all files submitted by the user into an anomalous format with extension ".lmb".

At the time of writing, only one application known to the Foundation is capable of viewing .lmb files: namely the web-based client for SCP-3858 itself. Attempting to open .lmb files with any other application results in the secondary anomalous effect of SCP-3858 manifesting: namely, the creation of multiple objects resembling human arms (designated SCP-3858-A) in the immediate vicinity of the user. The quantity of SCP-3858-A instances manifested is proportional to the .lmb file's size.

SCP-3858-A instances consist of a plastic "skeleton" articulated in a way similar to an actual human arm, covered with human epidermal tissue at a thickness of 5 centimeters. They experience a large force of attraction towards the user that opened the .lmb file proportional to the distance from the user: the only known ways of stopping this force of attraction is by deleting the .lmb file from the computer that opened it, killing the user or physically destroying the SCP-3858-A instances.

Recovery: SCP-3858 was initially identified by the Foundation following a routine investigation of suspected web-based anomalies by MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers"). When attempts to trace the location of SCP-3858's hosting proved inconclusive, on the 9th of November, 2015, Mu-5 specialists managed to secure temporary access to the root account of the host and recovered several files from other users' accounts before being locked out; further attempts to compromise the website made by the Foundation have failed.

Out of the multiple accounts accessed by Mu-5's task members, one account belonging to a user named "gcmp4" was found to contain no .lmb files, in contrast to every other account: Fourier analysis of these files and testing with D-Class subjects has shown that these files are similar in content and anomalous properties to .lmb files, i.e. when opened with an incorrect application these files cause objects to manifest in the physical vicinity of the user. However, SCP-3858's web client is incapable of previewing these files and activates their anomalous properties as with any other "incorrect" application.

Addendum SCP-3858.a: Selection of files recovered from the "gcmp4" account

File Name Objects Manifested Date of Creation
inu_model.bdy Seventeen fur-covered Canis familiaris skull models constructed out of plastic. Unlike .lmb files, no anomalous force of attraction has been observed to act on these objects. 27 March 2008
doggo_[WIP].bdy A singular disembodied Canis familiaris head of similar appearance to the models produced by the "inu_model.bdy" file. Unlike those models, the head possesses all the expected anatomical features (eyes, blood vessels, etc.) 30 June 2008
arm_patch.bdy Several detached human arms of indeterminate origin, again with non-anomalous physiological features. Like other .lmb files, these arms are anomalously attracted to the user who opens the files; unlike these files, the arms are animate, sporadically moving their fingers as if to grip an object and bending at the elbows. 19 February, 2009
isolation.bdy A large bundle of myelin fibers and blood vessels. The object is partially animate and occasionally moves by sporadically contracting and expanding in the direction of movement. 23 April, 2009
universal_donor_finished.bdy A 7.9 L solid composed entirely of O- human blood, frozen at -79°C at the time of manifestation. 14 June, 2009

Of note is that on the 14th of June, 2009, the Log of Anomalous Events records a series of thirty-eight blood donations being made simultaneously by the same individual across the Southwestern United States. All official records of this event name the blood donor in question as "Ms. Blaise Burnham", indicating possible modification on the part of SCP-2586 as an attempt to conceal the user's identity. Further investigation is ongoing.

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