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SCP-3854 at recovery site, propped up by Foundation-supplied support strut.

Item #: SCP-3854

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3854 is to be kept in a freshwater containment tank in Site-36. SCP-3854 requires no active maintenance, but a wood restoration specialist is to be kept on-site to perform monthly check-ups on the subject.

Personnel that interact with SCP-3854 are to be fluent in Hebrew.

As per Anomalous Sapient Entity protocol, SCP-3854 is to undergo a weekly psychiatric evaluation.

Description: SCP-3854 is a semi-animate, sapient wooden construct superficially resembling a whale. SCP-3854's external dimensions measure 1.1 m x 3.2 m x 1.2 m, while its internal dimensions (designated SCP-3854-A) measure an approximate 500 square meters. SCP-3854 is cognizant, being able to communicate in Biblical Hebrew, Old Aramaic, and High Enochian1. The subject purports to be the aquatic animal that once detained the biblical prophet Jonah, a claim consistent with Assyrian tomes (620-612 BC) from the Horizon Initiative's universal texts. SCP-3854 was recovered washed up on a beach near Tel Aviv, Jerusalem.

The phrase "Scrivener Associates" is painted onto the side of SCP-3854 in plain English.

SCP-3854-A functions as a self-contained thaumaturge confinement chamber comprised of contiguous layers of Ziziphus spina-christi2. The teeth, fins, vertebrae frame, and eyes of SCP-3854 were manufactured by timber derived from a ~2620-year-old ziziphus tree located on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

SCP-3854-A-1 is the gastrointestinal domicile that composes the main space of SCP-3854-A, accessible from SCP-3854's mouth. Its construction matches that of modern, Western European synagogues, with the following deviations:

  • An abundance of Persian rugs.
  • Walls made of ziziphus bark.
  • Whalebone archways in the place of doors.
  • A ceiling made entirely of whale blubber.
  • Two portholes corresponding to SCP-3854's eyes, which emit sunlight regardless of time of day.
  • A theater stage in the place of an altar.
  • Several Eye of Providence images trained on said theater stage
  • A series of clay tablets detailing several morality plays (see addenda)

SCP-3854-A-2 is a postchamber accessible from a doorway at the back of SCP-3854-A-1's theater stage. The room's construction is notably more organic than SCP-3854-A-1, with the walls and ceiling being formed of human epithelial tissue. The floor is made of petrified wood, with select, illuminated spots engraved with Biblical scenes of destruction. The only source of light in SCP-3854-A-2 is SCP-3854-B.

SCP-3854-B is the collective designation for 40 enlarged uteri on the far wall of SCP-3854-A-2. The SCP-3854-B are semi-transparent, and backlit by an orange light of indeterminate source. Each instance, except SCP-3854-B-36, contains an apparent3 human zygote.

SCP-3854-B-36 is empty, with a visible tear indicating violent struggle from its former contents.

Addendum: The following is a translated4 excerpt of stone tablets found within SCP-3854-A-1. The tablets were primarily written in High Enochian, with portions, such as Jonah's lines, written in Proto-Sinaitic5. Further transcripts can be found in Appendix-3854.

Addendum: On 12/19/1986, shortly after the initial exploration of SCP-3854-A, SCP-3854 regained consciousness. Lead researcher Chasin subsequently conducted a field interview with SCP-3854:

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