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Item #: SCP-3847

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Fences have been erected around SCP-3847 to establish a secure perimeter 20 m away from the affected area. Outpost-3847 has been established at the entrance to SCP-3847 and is maintained by Site-143. Outpost-3847 must be continually manned by 2 personnel to warn off civilians and monitor the area. Experiments and updates regarding SCP-3847 are to be filed back to Site-143.

Description: SCP-3847 is an area of roughly 40 m X 80 m X 5 m 20 m, located in █████ ██, ████████, Henan Province, China. When within SCP-3847, vocalizations produced by avian creatures1 are perceived by human subjects as messages in their native language, hereafter referred to as SCP-3847-1.

SCP-3847-1 instances are scattered messages, often words of encouragement or comfort, with occasional repetition. They seem to be addressing a certain unknown individual, rather than the affected subjects, and are not influenced by attempts at communication.

Recording of avian vocalizations within SCP-3847 shows that only human perceptions are altered while the original sounds are unaffected. SCP-3847-1 instances also do not correspond to the original vocalizations in length, volume, or pitch. Furthermore, different human subjects often perceive the same vocalization as different messages. It is therefore believed that birds entering the area are not the source of SCP-3847-1, and do not gain intelligence in the process.

SCP-3847 came to the Foundation’s attention after several locals accidentally discovered its properties.

Update: Further experimentation finds that ophidian creatures are subject to the same effect as avian creatures within SCP-3847. The messages produced in this way are hereafter referred to as SCP-3847-2. SCP-3847-2 appears drastically different from SCP-3847-1 in tone and manner.

Addendum: Subsequent exploration of SCP-3847’s borders revealed that SCP-3847 extends beneath the ground. Digging at the site found around 170 snake carcasses buried together in a corner beneath SCP-3847, all of which have crushed skulls.

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