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Photo of SCP-3845 during containment attempt #4

Item Tag: SCP-3845

Item Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Yellow

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3845 is to be housed in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-88. Testing of SCP-3845 must be approved by staff of Level 3+/3845 clearance and higher.

Field agents stationed on Pitcairn Island are to continue searching for material suggesting SCP-3845's existence, specifically Artifact 1-5 instances (See Addendum 1).

Description: SCP-3845 is a humanoid entity, roughly two meters tall. SCP-3845's head/torso takes the shape of an ellipsoid, with legs and arms extending off of it, long and tubular in shape. Hands take a shape similar to the head, and feet are simply 90° bends in the legs. Facial features are present on the front of SCP-3845's head, though the eyebrows are the only features capable of moving or contorting.

SCP-3845's limbs have no definite joints, allowing them to contort to extremes with ease. Due to this, SCP-3845 is capable of feats such as jumping as high as six meters and running as fast as 89 km/h, which allowed it to escape Foundation forces numerous times prior to its containment.

Prior to containment, SCP-3845 resided on Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific Ocean. At that time, SCP-3845 was typically docile, and took a liking to humans and other wildlife. Despite being incapable of speaking, SCP-3845 could easily cooperate with humans and seemed to have an innate understanding of their social cues. Due to this, SCP-3845 became well-known among the residents of Pitcairn Island, though was most often seen engaging with a Sarah ███████, age 15 (See Addendum 2). SCP-3845 also favored certain toys and foods.

For information on SCP-3845's current behavior, please see Addendum 3.

Addendum 1: Multiple artifacts have been retrieved from Pitcairn Island during previous containment attempts of SCP-3845, with several dating to 1384 AD, all of which have been linked to SCP-3845 by appearance. These artifacts include:

  1. A wooden carving of a figure resembling SCP-3845
  2. Several severed body parts resembling those present in SCP-3845
  3. Imprints in hardened soil resembling feet tracks made by SCP-3845
  4. Sandstone engravings describing a possible anatomy of SCP-3845
  5. Sandstone engravings depicting several SCP-3845 instances being hunted and severed

It is believed that Artifacts 1, 4, and 5 were created by a group of Polynesians native to the Pitcairn Islands during SCP-3845's existence, and that Artifacts 2 and 3 were directly created by SCP-3845.

Addendum 2: During SCP-3845 containment attempt #6, prior to containment, a GPS Tracker was planted on SCP-3845. Audio and panoramic video recorders were equipped for further analysis of SCP-3845's behavior. The Foundation successfully received information from the tracker for over 29 hours before losing contact. The events recorded through this tracker are documented in the sub-addenda below.

Addendum 3: During SCP-3845 containment attempt #9, SCP-3845 was successfully contained, and containment procedures were updated to reflect this. Since containment, SCP-3845 has been most commonly banging against the walls of its cell, or curled up in the corner of its cell sobbing. SCP-3845 has acted with extreme hostility towards all personnel.

All Pitcairn Island residents were promptly administered amnestic following SCP-3845's containment. Sarah ███████ was notably last to be amnesticized due to her extreme struggle with the on-site Field Agents.

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