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Item #: SCP-3844

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: While proper facilities are under construction SCP-3844 is to be contained at its dwelling within the Dolomite Mountains. A 100m x 100m perimeter is to be regularly patrolled by Foundation personnel to ensure no civilians come into contact with SCP-3844.

Anti-aircraft artillery is to be positioned around SCP-3844's dwelling. Artillery is to fire at any airborne entities over the containment perimeter. Any evidence of the existence of SCP-3844 is to be attributed to bombing runs. Artillery is only to be used in the event of a full scale containment breach.

Once a week, one D-Class member of the SCP-3844 project is to be sent to interact with SCP-3844, and take temperature and radiation measurements. A team of researchers are to take size measurements, perform IQ tests, and determine the maximum temperature of fire SCP-3844 can expel once per month. Personnel caught stealing items from SCP-3844 are to be disciplined accordingly.

SCP-3844 is to be provided with the following reading material as part of its monthly measurements:

  • Time Magazine
  • Science Magazine
  • Nature Magazine
  • Communications of the ACM

Description: SCP-3844 is a winged reptile, measuring 73.76m 50.22m from tail to head, and with a wing span of 67.42m 42.78m1. It is estimated to mass 27,000kg 18,000kg. SCP-3844's scales are of a purple blue hue, except around the stomach where they are much lighter. SCP-3844 is capable of expelling fire at 3400°C from its mouth through an unknown method forcefully expelling a methane vapor from its mouth (achieving temperatures as high as 1950°C), and igniting it through unknown means.

SCP-3844 is capable of speech in at least 14 7 languages, and has an extensive moderate knowledge of world events. During direct interactions with personnel, SCP-3844 takes the form of an adult male, however SCP-3844 claims it can mimic the appearance of any human.

SCP-3844 inhabits an immense cavern that contains a currently unquantified amount of valuable metals 2.69x106kg of valuable metals (approximately 2.6 billion US dollars). SCP-3844 often burrows underneath these materials, where it presumably sleeps.

In conversation, SCP-3844 has confirmed that it is the inspiration behind a number of european myths involving dragons. It also claims to be the model for the Welsh flag2.

Addendum: The following is a transcript of an interview between Dr. Lester Fegmont O5-2 and SCP-3844.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3844: I see you've finally returned. A few years late, but I guess that's only to be expected.

O5-2: Yes, I guess I am a little late. Sorry about that.

SCP-3844: Don't worry about it. You're obviously busy, and in the meantime, I've had all manner of new reading material. How long had you known about the nature of light?

O5-2: [smiles] Decades at least.

SCP-3844: And the inner workings of our smallest building block?

O5-2: We cracked open the atom during the war.

SCP-3844: Before long you might have an explanation for my kind!

O5-2: Well, you'd be surprised how far science can get you. My division has discovered that some things aren't even anomalous in the first place.

SCP-3844: So, has science finally found a way to let me stretch my wings?

O5-2: Unfortunately, due to certain advances in radar, we can't risk you leaving the cavern. However, I've asked others to devise a way to possibly… expand your home.

SCP-3844: Oh have you? I'm looking forward to this now.

O5-2: I do have to be on my way. Hopefully I will see you again.

SCP-3844: I hope so as well.

<End Log>

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