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Correspondence From The Dolomite Mountains Regarding Anomalous Activity

21st of April, 1906

Dear Fredrick,

A dragon. There was a dragon in the mountains. And it looked just like we'd imagined.

Galviston and I had to follow our guide for about six hours before we first saw the beast. It soared over one peak, let out a low roar that loosened snow from the mountainside, and then dived out of sight. Its wings blocked out the sun like a cloud passing over head. I wish the whole lab could have seen it.

It took us another two hours to reach the dragon's cavern. It was a massive cave, filled with gems and goblets and other such valuables. We never reached the end of that cave, but judging from the echoes our footfalls made, we would've needed rations to make it there.

We gave up our search for the dragon for the day, thinking it was still flying about, and started our return trek to the outside. And then, just as we summited the last hill of treasure, we heard that roar. We froze, unsure if the noise came from our front or our back. The tension only faded after it spoke.

It welcomed us as guests.

The dragon motioned for us to come closer as it ambled in front of the maw of the cave. It had an accent like yours! Except lower and more gravelly. It took Galviston and I a few moments to come to our senses, and our guide a few more.

The beast was quite the gentlemen if I do say so. It changed its form to resemble a young man to make us feel more relaxed. I held a lengthy discussion with it while Galviston took notes. It was surprisingly well-versed in modern-day affairs. When I introduced ourselves as men of science, it called us "a new age of knights".

But do not fret, I did my duty. I'm surprised it worked, given our extreme lack of resources. I negotiated reasonable terms to keep the dragon contained within the Dolomites. I've transcribed the exact operating procedure below, but it agreed in writing. I can only hope it doesn't double cross us. But until then, those Italian officials should be content with our work, even if we've never handled an anomaly this massive before.

I will return once I've met with the Italians again to organize the whole affair. Next time Fredrick, you'll come with us. You and George and the whole lab! Words cannot do this majestic beast justice. I'll bring some gin so we can drink together one day.

Sincerely, Lester

Here are the negotiation terms:

The dragon known as Tharnock (henceforth "The Anomaly") has agreed to:

  • Limit expeditions from its abode to one (1) time per day.
  • Expeditions will remain within the confines of the Dolomite Mountains, and will maintain a low elevation.
  • Refrain from vocalizing during expeditions.

In return, the Anomaly Investigation Foundation (henceforth "The Foundation") has agreed to:

  • Recruit one (1) ambassador to interact with The Anomaly once per week.
  • Punish any attempts to steal valuables from The Anomaly.

To maintain the secrecy of The Anomaly, the Nation of Italy (henceforth "The State") will:

  • Discourage civilians from entering the Dolomite Mountains.
  • Discredit any accounts of The Anomaly.

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