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Portion of brain removed from SCP-3839

Item #: SCP-3839

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3839 is to be contained in a large, reinforced, Heavy Bio-Containment Cell in the lower levels of Site-234, sealed according to BSL-4. SCP-3839 is to be fed 100 kg of lipids, preferably in the form of lard, once a week. All direct interaction with SCP-3839 and maintenance of its cell is to be done via robotic drone; no personnel are allowed inside the cell unless given direct permission by both the Project Head (currently Dr. Maravilla) and the Site Directors (currently Drs. Leep and Sherry Andrews).

The ceiling of this room is to be equipped with sprinklers filled with 10M NaOH solution, to be used in the event of an imminent breach.

Description: SCP-3839 is a large amorphous mass comprised mostly of undifferentiated fat cells, measuring approximately 2.5 m in radius and weighing approximately 60 metric tons. SCP-3839 constantly alters its shape and size and moves using a method similar to amoeboid movement.

SCP-3839 gains control over lipids not part of itself within an approximate radius of 3 m; at greater distances, SCP-3839 can only exert a weak attractive force whose strength exponentially decreases with distance. SCP-3839 is capable of restructuring lipids into various shapes and structures, usually in the shape of crude hands, arms, or mouths.

When not moving, SCP-3839 emits a yellow cloud composed of aerosolized lipids and proteins, most of which are unseen in ordinary organisms. Inhalation or skin absorption of these products causes an anomalous effect on humans in its vicinity; nearly all humans begin to lose their self-preservation instinct within 1 minute of exposure, and all fear response pathways completely shut down within 8 minutes. Autopsies of recovered subjects has revealed the formation of small growths of sphingomyelin1 in the amygdala2, encasing and absorbing neurons and glial cells.

SCP-3839 will then attempt to catch affected humans with its limbs. Once SCP-3839 has gripped a human with its appendage, SCP-3839 will extend a smaller, tube-like appendage and expel a thick slurry from it until it hits the targeted human. When this slurry comes in contact with human tissue, it reverts human osteocytes, chondrocytes, myocytes, and adipocytes3 into mesenchymal stem cells, with complete conversion normally occuring within four minutes4. These stem cells will differentiate into a new form of adipocyte, which coagulate into a homogenous mass and absorb the remaining neurons. SCP-3839 will then proceed to move itself towards the remains and absorb the new adipocyte mass into itself, leaving the remainder behind.

Biopsy of the outer mass of SCP-3839 has shown that it possesses genetic material from 36 humans, 9 of which match to former Prometheus Labs personnel, most notably Dr. ███, Dr. ████, and Dr. Javier Pineda.

CT scanning of SCP-3839 revealed a large mass in its center; this mass appears to be composed of a dense network of neurons arranged in 37 discrete clusters. 35 of these directly link to a larger cluster in the center of the mass, with smaller links between each other. The 37th is isolated from all other clusters and encased in a crystalline shell. This shell is composed mainly of crystalline fat and appears to be in a constant state of equilibrium, being dissolved from without and reconstituted from within. All clusters have exhibited significant neural activity, with the central cluster and cluster 37 the most active. Tests using isotopic labeling have shown that upon conversion and ingestion of a human subject, a new cluster will form from the subject's neurons.

Brain biopsies have determined that SCP-3839's clusters are composed of a new form of brain matter, with specialized adipocytes replacing ordinary glial cells.

SCP-3839 will occasionally enter an Eglah state, growing a single large appendage and occasionally manifesting crystalline spikes or various liquids from the end. SCP-3839 will then attack itself with this appendage. SCP-3839 sustains no lasting damage during these states; any damage is quickly repaired by SCP-3839 rearranging its mass to fill the wounds. Notably, SCP-3839 will usually form a thickened mass of compacted fat to protect its clusters. This state ends when the appendage either retracts or is severed.

The time interval between Eglah events has steadily increased over time; rising from an average of 2 days upon initial containment in 2000, to 3 weeks. However, the duration has increased from 10 minutes to over an hour as of the most recent event.

Eglah events have become increasingly destructive during SCP-3839's time in containment. Recently, SCP-3839 has begun to show signs of increasing intelligence.

Addendum 3839-A: Notable Eglah Events

For the sake of clarity, the hostile appendage will be designated SCP-3839-ALPHA.

Event Number Duration Notes
12 13 minutes First recorded instance of 3839-ALPHA attempting to play dead to launch a second attack. 3839-ALPHA was torn from 3839's mass, ceased motion completely, and was reabsorbed after 2 minutes.
122 15 minutes 3839-ALPHA attached itself to the ceiling using an adhesive substance exuded from its end. It then lifted 3839 off of the containment cell floor and attempted to repeatedly slam it against the floor and walls of the cell. 3839 suffered severe blunt force trauma after 7 hits, at which point 3839-ALPHA experienced structural failure and separated from 3839. 3839-ALPHA was removed from the ceiling and reabsorbed by 3839. A sample of the adhesive was successfully taken for study.
237 22 minutes First recorded instance of 3839 growing human-like hands on the ends of its appendages.
289 27 minutes First recorded instance of 3839-ALPHA using chemical attacks, specifically, an organic chemical agent intended to induce apoptosis in fat cells.
355 34 minutes First recorded instance of 3839 emulating human vocalizations. 3839 vocalized in a distorted female voice, causing 3839-ALPHA to cease its attack. 3839-ALPHA remained motionless until it was reabsorbed.
381 38 minutes 3839 extended an appendage and breached the NaOH sprinklers directly above 3839-ALPHA, destroying it. First recorded instance of 3839 using its cell to its advantage. Containment layout has been updated.
509 72 minutes First recorded instance of 3839 attempting to address personnel during an Eglah event. 3839 spoke in a deeper, distorted voice and was recorded as saying "He was a fool."
602 88 minutes Final Eglah event. 3839-ALPHA formed a roughly humanoid shape and attacked 3839 repeatedly, ignoring all damage inflicted to itself by 3839's counterattacks. Just before reaching the center cluster of 3839, 3839-ALPHA was forcibly torn from 3839's main body, and repeatedly slammed into the ground and walls until finally being ripped apart by 3839 and absorbed. Upon absorption, 3839 moved jerkily and erratically for 9 minutes before collapsing into a near-liquid state. 3839 regained its previous form after 2 days.

Update ██/██/14: Eglah events have ceased completely, and SCP-3839 has become more docile in temperament. SCP-3839 has begun to occasionally split a portion of its mass off and attempt to shape it. These constructs have been designated SCP-3839-BETA. SCP-3839-BETA instances usually have a crude humanoid shape but tend to rapidly collapse into a pile of fat. Instances that do not collapse are eventually reabsorbed by SCP-3839.

SCP-3839-BETA instances have gradually become more refined over time, and last longer before collapse and reabsorption.

Update ██/██/18: All new instances of SCP-3839-BETA vaguely resemble the late Dr. Pineda, and are fully mobile. These SCP-3839-BETA instances are capable of locomotion and distorted vocalization, and generally attempt to move towards the cell's camera or observation ports.

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