To prevent unexpected modes of locomotion, SCP-3836 must be made to report the intended purpose of the vehicle before testing. Entirety of report consists of "Go fast" in all cases, instructions rescinded.

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Item #: SCP-3836

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3836 is to be kept in a 4 meter by 4 meter by 5 meter chamber, furnished with a bed, sink, shower and jungle gym. SCP-3836 is to be provided with tools and small pieces of machinery for entertainment as requested. Music may be played in the chamber at SCP-3836's request between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM. SCP-3836 may be allowed to exit its chamber and travel the facility, provided it has at least one escort.

SCP-3836 is to be fed twice a day, and is to receive an oil change monthly.

Any materials used in testing with SCP-3836 must be approved by any Level 3 or higher staff before use. All testing is to be performed on the outdoors demolitions testing range onsite, with all observers behind a protective barrier.

Description: SCP-3836 is the corpse of an adult male Western Lowland Gorilla1. The upper half of the corpse has most of the flesh missing and bears light scorch marks over the exposed bone. The skull has a large split down the middle of the face, and has no flesh on it other than the eyeballs. Minor decomposition has occurred across the body, as well as minor injuries. All blood in SCP-3836 has been replaced with a mixture of commercially-available engine oil through unknown means. If this oil is not changed at least once every 6 weeks, SCP-3836 will enter a comatose state until new oil is provided. SCP-3836 normally wears a large pair of heavily-stained overalls, workboots and tinted protective goggles.

Despite the damage done to it, SCP-3836 remains fully animate and sapient, and is capable of movement and crude speech. SCP-3836 has shown to have much higher levels of intelligence than other members of its species, being able to read and write in English and perform basic arithmetic, albeit both with occasional frequent errors. SCP-3836 demonstrates expertise in the areas of mechanics and engineering, despite lacking in other areas of intelligence normally essential to understanding such materials. It has shown to have a simplistic personality, and enjoys listening to fast-paced music and making repairs and modifications to motor vehicles. The goal of these creations, as stated repeatedly by SCP-3836, is to "Go fast".

The primary anomalous ability of SCP-3836 is the creation and application of anomalous modifications to motor vehicles. Without fail, any and all modifications made by SCP-3836 will result in anomalous phenomena occurring upon attempts to drive the vehicle. These anomalies include successful installation of normally incompatible mechanisms, bestowing anomalous properties upon preexisting components via normal physical modification, and the fabrication and usage of entirely new anomalous components. Any attempts to replicate these modifications by any individual other than SCP-3836 have resulted in failure.

Addendum 1: On 11/17/2017, Test SCP-3836-28 was carried out with special permission from Director ████████. A D-class using life-support gear was scheduled to operate the vehicle instead of SCP-3836, but SCP-3836 installed a secret hatch adjacent to the main thruster which it used to board and subsequently launch the vehicle when it was informed of this decision. SCP-3836 and the craft successfully exited earth's orbit, and disappeared from all Foundation radar 28 seconds after launch. To accomplish this feat would require speeds substantially greater than the speed of light. Before disappearing a single transmission was received from the spacecraft, presumably from SCP-3836:


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