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Item#: 3832
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SCP-3832 displaying its typical 'jagged frown.'

Item #: SCP-3832

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3832 is to be kept in a standard secure locker at Site-64. A tracking tag has been affixed for ease of recovery during a relocation event. Upon breaching containment, tag monitors are to determine which potential relocation site, and approximately where within said site, SCP-3832 has positioned itself at. The personnel stationed at the corresponding location are to be notified and containment procedures specific to their location are to be enacted.

Potential Relocation Site (PRS) PRS Specific Containment Procedures
Site-64 Any personnel located near SCP-3832's ambush position are to be notified via intercom and encouraged to secure glasses, held objects and other material before continuing with their activities. Research personnel are to seek out and provoke an attack. Once SCP-3832 is secured in Site-64, it is to be returned to its locker.
6600 N Baltimore Ave, Portland, OR
Personnel are to locate and provoke an attack by SCP-3832 as discreetly as possible. Upon recovery, SCP-3832 is to be packed into a secure container and delivered to Site-64 immediately thereafter, whereupon Site-64 specific containment procedures are to be enacted.
7343 Eldorado Ct, Mclean, VA
Personnel are to locate and provoke an attack by SCP-3832. Upon recovery, personnel are to physically hold SCP-3832 in place and maintain visual contact of it to hasten a relocation event to either Site-64 or PRS-Truffle, whereupon the appropriate containment procedures are to be followed.

Description: SCP-3832 is a queen-sized bed pillow with an attached Post-It®-brand note depicting a crudely drawn face. The face has been observed changing, within the confines of its art style; however, these changes do not deviate dramatically from the default 'jagged frown' expression and tend to be small additions or the alteration of a single aspect, such as the curvature of the mouth. SCP-3832 is stuffed with goose and Grey Duck down feathers and consistently smells, and feels, as though it has been recently infused with scented fabric softener1.

SCP-3832 has demonstrated itself to be capable of teleportation, which it uses to breach containment. Relocation events occur randomly, though a higher frequency of relocation has been noted to occur when SCP-3832 is being directly observed. This frequency further increases when SCP-3832 is physically restrained. SCP-3832 has only been observed to be capable of teleportation into the interiors of locations it has previously been in, or near to when not in a sealed container. It is currently unknown what requirements exist to designate a new location as a potential relocation site. Current potential relocation sites are Site-64, PRS-Townhouse (where it was recovered) and PRS-Truffle (see incident 3832-NR1). SCP-3832 cannot relocate consecutively; it must initiate an attack before it can relocate again.

Following a relocation event, SCP-3832 is considered to be in an active state. In this state, SCP-3832 will mimic behaviors associated with ambush predators: it will hide itself as best it can (typically in containers or around furniture) and wait for an ambush opportunity to arise. Should an individual come close enough to SCP-3832's position, and there is an unobstructed path between SCP-3832 and its victim, an attack will be triggered. This involves SCP-3832 throwing itself at its victim at low velocities. To date, SCP-3832 has not been observed traveling at speeds capable of directly causing injury, nor at speeds significantly different from those of a human-thrown, non-anomalous pillow. Upon impact with its target, SCP-3832 has been observed to consistently make a "squeak," similar to that of a squeezed dog toy. Following an attack and prior to a relocation event, SCP-3832 is in an inactive state. In this state, it is completely inanimate and can be safely handled as a non-anomalous pillow.

The Post-It® note making up SCP-3832’s face is permanently affixed. Although more resistant to tearing than non-anomalous equivalents, attempting to forcibly remove SCP-3832’s face will immediately trigger a relocation event. The current theory is that SCP-3832 is capable and willing to use teleportation as an escape method if it feels threatened. In order to carry out 'facial adhesion' tests and/or other tests which could damage the face, SCP-3832 must first be cleared for potential neutralization.

Notable Ambushes Report:

SCP-3832 Ambush Location Victim(s) Results
Inside the refrigerator inside PRS-Townhouse Field Agent Viola Smythe SCP-3832 impacted with FA Smythe’s face when the refrigerator door was opened. SCP-3832’s resistance to high/low temperatures noted.
Above Dr. Prangley's office locker Researcher Franklin Prangley Previously informed of SCP-3832’s general location, Dr. Prangley pushed SCP-3832 off his locker with a meterstick. SCP-3832 landed on the floor before launching itself into Dr. Prangley's lower abdomen. Interaction logged.
Behind the coffee machine in the canteen Security Officer Jennifer Blaire SCP-3832 impacted with SO Blaire’s ankle and caused her to spill her coffee. SO Blaire suffered minor 1st degree burns to her wrist and palm. Injury logged.
Behind the television in PRS-Townhouse Field Agent Gordon Gompton and Field Agent Viola Smythe After triggering an attack, FA Smythe and FA Gompton apparently began to throw SCP-3832 at each other. According to testimony, SCP-3832 began to make its characteristic squeak with every impact after repeated throwing, and its face had also changed into a significantly happier one. When asked to elaborate, FA Gompton provided a photograph confirming that, during the 'pillow-fight,' SCP-3832's eyebrows had disappeared, and its jagged frown had smoothed out and upturned to resemble a smile. Tests designed to replicate this effect have been unanimously approved by research personnel.
Under the desk in Site-64’s Director’s office Site Director Edgar Holman SCP-3832 impacted with Director Holman’s shins. SCP-3832 relocated to PRS-Townhouse before research personnel could arrive for recovery. Interaction logged.
Inside SCP-3960’s humanoid containment cell Senior Researcher Adrien Bleikoff SCP-3960-4 was instructed by Agent Beatrice Ross to move SCP-3832 to the center of the cell and maintain physical contact. SCP-3832 remained immobile until Dr. Bleikoff entered for recovery, whereupon it launched itself. Due to 3960-4's hold, however, SCP-3832 could not effectively become airborne and only impacted with Dr. Bleikoff's feet. SCP-3832's characteristic impact squeak was notably lower in pitch and drawn teardrops appeared beneath the face's eyes. Interaction and image evidence logged.

Incident 3832-NR1: The following report details the incident which led to the establishment of PRS-Truffle following SCP-3832's relocation into an on-site janitorial closet 2 days afterwards. PRS-Truffle currently operates under Cover Story-07, "Under New Management." Factory floor tours have been prohibited and civilian accessible areas have been deprived of opaque furniture and containers SCP-3832 would use to conceal itself.

On 02/14/2017, SCP-3832 relocated into the trunk of Big Sister's2 car while technicians were attempting to fix a glitch with its tracking tag. The car was mobile and departing from Site-64 at the time. Along with SCP-3832's research team, neither Big Sister nor security staff at the gate were aware that SCP-3832 could relocate into mobile containers.

Big Sister arrived at PRS-Truffle, St. John’s Chocolate Factory, to pick up a delivery intended for [REDACTED]. Upon opening the trunk to store the box, SCP-3832 launched itself at Big Sister, colliding with the box in her hands, and propelling the tapered tip of the heart-shaped box into her mouth. After storing SCP-3832 into her trunk and recovering both the dropped goods and tooth fragment, Big Sister contacted the Foundation. A recovery team was dispatched and SCP-3832 was recovered without further incident. Camera footage that captured the event was appropriately doctored. Neither parking garage security nor Big Sister were disciplined.

During the debriefing with SCP-3832's research team, Big Sister shared a photograph she had taken using her cellphone while waiting for the recovery team. The photo has been logged into SCP-3832's research files and has yet to be reproduced under testing conditions. While SCP-3832 was recovered on-site displaying its typical jagged frown expression, Big Sister's photograph clearly shows that, for a brief time, SCP-3832's expression had significantly changed. In the image, SCP-3832's mouth is upturned into a dimpled smile, and its eyes are drawn to appear as cartoon-like hearts.

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