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Item #: SCP-3828

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3828 and all SCP-3828-1 instances are to be observed visually, constantly, to note the formation of any new instances of SCP-3828-1 and the location and health of SCP-3828. MTF-Gamma-81 ("Pinniped Pirates") is to play the part of a scientific research crew, aboard the SCPF Pickup Line icebreaker vessel, with a direct wired video link to the Hermit-1 remote submersible.

If SCP-3828 approaches a civilised port or harbour, it is to be gently redirected using reinforced nets to the nearest uninhabited beach.


The range that SCP-3828 usually occupies.

Description: SCP-3828 is a young male Weddell seal (Latin name Leptonychotes weddellii) currently located in the Arctic sea, specifically in the Fram sea, Lincoln strait, Barents sea, and Greenland sea. The anomalous properties of SCP-3828 continuously manifest in a region within its visual range on any solid object. SCP-3828 is vulnerable to physical harm, but does not appear to age. The social nature and location of SCP-3828 are anomalous; Most Weddell seals are solitary most of the time, and live in the Antarctic, not the Arctic. It is unknown how SCP-3828 got to its current location.

An object sighted by SCP-3828 will then be seized by an as-of-yet unbreakable force and held in place; if it is more than the size of an adult Weddell seal (roughly 3.5m3), a mass of that size will be separated from the main mass and then be acted upon by SCP-3828 without further affecting the leftover material (excluding additional iterations of this process). If there is less than approximately 1m3 of material, but there is a similar material nearby, that material will be included in the process. This material is given the designation SCP-3828-1, with existing instances given the designation SCP-3828-1-A through -Z.

During this process SCP-3828 appears externally to enter an underwater-sleep state which is usual for seals1, but both hemispheres remain active, with one becoming electrically super-active in a way that typically only occurs during a grand mal attack. This does not harm SCP-3828.

Instead, SCP-3828-1 will be physically changed into the shape of a Weddell seal. SCP-3828-1 will then behave as a regular seal would, appearing to hunt and consume fish. This occurs regardless of the material SCP-3828-1 is comprised of, and the material available does not appear to affect the buoyancy or absorbency of SCP-3828-1. SCP-3828-1 instances are usually safe, as they behave as normal seals, despite the fact many instances are biohazardous or much more resilient than a natural seal due to their composition.


As SCP-3828 is currently physically uncontained, testing is difficult. Also, SCP-3828 is not invulnerable or even resistant to damage moreso than a regular seal. Testing with SCP-3213 is pending due to logistical concerns.

Addendum 1.1: SCP-3828-1-K2 has been extensively studied to the point of being fully deemed non-anomalous. As a result, permission has been granted to display K2 in the mess hall of Site-256. Employee feedback is strongly positive.

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