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The shells of two deceased SCP-3827-A instances.

Item #: SCP-3827

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Embedded Foundation elements within the film industry are to introduce scenes and motifs featuring teeth into films by major studios intended to become blockbusters, to more easily identify SCP-3827-affected theaters. In the weeks following the release of these films, theaters affected by SCP-3827 are to be pinpointed and closed down, SCP-3827-A instances contained, and affected people amnesticized.

SCP-3827-A instances are kept in Standard Containment Cells, and are currently granted spare trash and the privilege to be shown a new film once a month.

Description: SCP-3827 is a cognitohazardous phenomenon affecting movie theaters.

Patrons who view films within SCP-3827 instances report statistically unusual rates of dental issues, especially gingivitis, pulpitis, and severe degradation of enamel. Consumption of sugary concessions by patrons, or screenings of films with scenes prominently featuring teeth, will lead to more occurrences.

The pulps1 of affected teeth (designated SCP-3827-A) will painfully grow in size over a period of about one week, causing the enamel to crack and reform repeatedly. While an affected person is asleep, SCP-3827-A will eject forcefully from the jaws and extrude portions of their blood vessels and nerves through cracks in the enamel to form rudimentary limbs. SCP-3827-A will move itself with these limbs and attempt to leave the location. They will also often steal loose trash, bits of fabric, or small objects such as buttons or pins.

Affixing a miniature tracking device to an SCP-3827-A instance led to the discovery of a small crevice outside the theater responsible for the creation of the instance. Exploration of this crevice revealed a structure resembling a small theater, composed mostly of enamel chips, and dozens of SCP-3827-A instances wearing makeshift costumes and reenacting a scene from the then-recent 2012 film Life of Pi. Dozens of instances had intertwined their blood vessels and nerves, linking together to form the stage and various setpieces.

SCP-3827-A instances were collected and placed into containment, and current procedures were implemented. Recently, SCP-3827-A instances have begun performing original productions.

Addendum: Following successful Foundation interference with the production of the 2015 film Avengers: Age of Ultron2, Foundation agents managed to identify and close down 119 theaters affected by SCP-3827. Despite no new instances having been discovered since, current procedures are to continue until further notice.

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