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Item #: SCP-3826

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The artificial entrance to SCP-3826 is to be maintained by two concrete walls at least 2 m in length and at least .5 m in thickness. The only authorized personnel to enter SCP-3826 through the airlock are research personnel of level-3 clearance or agents of Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats").

Upon exploration, personnel are to wear an actively transmitting earpiece and a pair of artificial surveillance glasses at all times. Mentioning the use of earpieces around the company of instances of SCP-3826-1 is forbidden.

Description: SCP-3826 is an isolated civil construct located ~4 km beneath the highest point of the Kenai Mountains in Alaska, United States of America which is able to cause visual and auditory hallucination in human subjects.

SCP-3826's area of occupation measures less than 20 km². Inside of this area lies civilization similar to that of European colonization which was commonplace in the late 17th century and a population (~45,000 organisms) of bipedal humanoid entities (hereby deemed instances of SCP-3826-1). Instances of SCP-3826-1 are genetically similar to Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis) and have constructed their own cultures, forms of engineering, and an organized civil government.

SCP-3826-1's physical appearances include mutation and other physical deformities. SCP-3826-1 instances stand in-between 2.1 m and 4.6 m. The taller instances of SCP-3826-1 have been noted to commonly take the place of defenders and caretakers of other instances of SCP-3826-1.

The civilization within SCP-3826 centers around the consistency of a hatred of technology. Instances of SCP-3826-1 will violently attack any individuals who have exhibited using technology developed after the year 1870. Following the attack, SCP-3826-1 will scavenge the technological components and transport them to a location which has yet to be identified by exploration personnel.1


A photo taken within SCP-3826 upon recovery showcasing a large portion of buildings constructed by SCP-3826-1.2 Following the photo, eighteen instances of SCP-3826-1 murdered the three attending Zeta-9 personnel due to their use of modern camera equipment.

SCP-3826 functions similar to earlier civilization in terms of governmental constructs. There are established policing forces within SCP-3826, most of them being occupied by the larger instances of SCP-3826-1. These policing forces tend to use brute physical force to enforce the laws bestowed upon SCP-3826. The subject who created the laws and/or the construct that is SCP-3826 remains unidentified.

Unidentified symbols (assumed to be related to the occult) are commonly seen in buildings within, roads within, and the walls of SCP-3826.

Addenda: The following is a collection of relevant information regarding SCP-3826 including exploration logs, interview logs, and incident logs.

Foreword: D-16321 is a female Class-D personnel originally imprisoned for multiple accounts of arson and manslaughter. She was taken into Foundation custody on 8/19/2029. It should be noted that, during this time, artificial surveillance glasses were not in use per SCP-3826's special containment procedures.


D-16321: These stairs go down for a really long way.

Researcher Caroll: Please continue down the staircase.

D-16321: What the hell is down there anyway? Why do- D-16321 pauses. Fine. D-16321 begins to descend the staircase.

Researcher Caroll: Have you seen anything yet, D-16321?

D-16321: No, I haven't. It's just hot and gross down here.

Researcher Caroll: Continue your descent.

D-16321: Seriously, that's an unnecessarily long walk.

Researcher Caroll: You are bound to reach the bottom eventually.

D-16321: I guess.

Five minutes pass. D-16321 is approximately 10 m from the bottom of the stairwell. Vocalizations by SCP-3826-1 are now audible.

D-16321: Is this some kind of espion—

D-16321 pauses as she looks around, examining SCP-3826.

D-16321: [Extended] Holy shit.

Researcher Caroll: Now, please report your surroundings only when they are not around.

D-16321: "They?" This is some cryptic shit, doc. I don't like it.

Researcher Caroll: Again, just follow protocol.

D-16321: Yeah, yeah.

Researcher Caroll: Is it currently safe to report?

D-16321: I guess. I can see a bunch of buildings. The ceiling goes up really high. There's like, uh, a burnt-down church next to me. And there's a path. What is that, gravel?

Researcher Caroll: Please continue along the path.

D-16321: Uh, alright.

Two minutes pass.

D-16321: Jesus fucking Chr—

SCP-3826-1-A: [Unintelligible]

D-16321: What the fuck are you?

SCP-3826-1-A: Unresponsive.

D-16321: Doc, what do I do?

Researcher Caroll: D-16321, I told you not to—

SCP-3826-1-B: [Rough translation] Demon!

D-16321: Yo, get the fuck back!

Researcher Caroll: D-16321, calm—

D-16321: Shut the fuck up, doc! You got me into this and I'm getting myself out of it!

SCP-3826-1-B: [Unintelligible.]

D-16321: You better back the fuck up before you get smacked the fu—

SCP-3826-1-C: [Rough translation] Dismantle!

D-16321: Get the fuck back, yo. Get the fuck

Researcher Caroll: D-16321? Are you there?


Foreword: D-16899 is a male Class-D personnel originally imprisoned for multiple accounts of kidnapping and assault and battery.


D-16899: Hey, doc.

Researcher Caroll: Hello.

Zeta-9 agents proceed to open SCP-3826's containment airlock. D-16899 steps into the airlock with the door shutting behind him and the door located in front of him opening.

Researcher Caroll: Please proceed.

D-16899 proceeds down the stairway leading to SCP-3826.

D-16899: Fuckin' cold in here, man.

Researcher Caroll: Others have said that before, yes.

D-16899 remains silent for the majority of the duration of his descent. He is approximately twenty meters from the bottom of the stairwell when he spots a larger instance of SCP-3826-1 located at the bottom. D-16899 takes multiple steps backward while hyperventilating.

Researcher Caroll: D-16899, please continue—

D-16899: Who is that? What is that?

Researcher Caroll: The citizens we have briefed you about. Interact with the citizens and—

D-16899: They ain't no fuckin' citizens, doc.

Researcher Caroll: …organisms and attempt to survey a large portion of SCP-3826 while you are at it.

D-16899: Yeah, yeah, alright.

D-16899's heart rate decreases as his breathing stabilizes. He continues down the stairwell, eventually reaching the bottom. Surrounding him is the interior image of SCP-3826 as found in the document.

D-16899: What the fuck?

Researcher Caroll: Hmm?

D-16899: Where did they all go?

Researcher Caroll: Let's find out for ourselves. Proceed, explore, and survey SCP-3826.

D-16899: Alright, here I go…

D-16899 proceeds to walk down the path seemingly paved by instances of SCP-3826-1. He takes multiple turns at random intervals, eventually leading him to a chapel.

D-16899: Another church? These fuckers are super religious. Or, I'd assume.

Researcher Caroll: D-16899, please enter the chapel.

D-16899: …you're kidding.

Researcher Caroll: Sorry to say, but I'm not. Enter the chapel.

D-16899: Come on, man, I don't want to have to—

Researcher Caroll: D-16899, enter the chapel or armed personnel will be sent to retrieve you.

D-16899: Alright, fuck.

D-16899 opens the double doors located at the chapel's entrance. Approximately forty SCP-3826-1 instances come into view of D-16899's surveillance equipment along with an unidentified humanoid entity. The entity stands significantly shorter than the SCP-3826-1 instances. The entity has the upper section of its body identical to a human female wearing a robe, with the lower section of its body ending in a snake-like body.

D-16899: Stuttering, incomprehensible.

Unidentified Entity: Are you here to— your clothes. Your clothes, they smell of him!

SCP-3826-1 instances stand up from their seats and begin to approach D-16899. D-16899 prematurely turns around and begins to sprint in the direction in which he came from. SCP-3826-1 instances follow at a faster pace.

D-16899: Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck—

Researcher Caroll: D-16899, ru—

Researcher Caroll is interrupted by the sudden drop of his technological equipment. The SCP-3826-1 instances stop their pursuit and the unidentified entity picks up the surveillance tool, holding it close to its face.

Unidentified Entity: And don't come back, heretics.


Afterword: Agents of Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 were sent to recover the unidentified entity following the incident. The unidentified entity could not be found within SCP-3826. The agents sent on the recovery attempt recalled undergoing visual and auditory hallucinations picturing a gargantuan organism that seemed to lack skin entirely. All agents reported the organism to end its body in multiple "tails" and that the organism's head was shaped extremely similar to that of a squid.

The following is an audio log by Researcher Roy Caroll following authorized self-exploration of SCP-3826.


Researcher Caroll: The following is in, uh, regards to my exploration of SCP-3826.

Researcher Caroll: They're building a portal. I don't know if that's the best term, but its intent is to open a rift. I don't know where this rift is going, but I've heard plenty of chatter between SCP-3826-1 to realize what the reasoning for construction is.

Researcher Caroll: I tried to ask where it was going, and they all responded with the same answer: "the present." The meaning behind this is unknown, but my team of research personnel are currently investigating the possibilities.

Researcher Caroll: Only around the portal, hume levels were significantly more erratic than the surrounding areas. We decided it would be best to not use SRAs because it might just contribute to their 'project.'

Researcher Caroll: I've also been having nightmares recently. Normally this wouldn't be relevant, but the nightmares contain the exact description of the Zeta-9 agents' hallucinations within SCP-3826. I genuinely do not know who this could be describing, but the presumably-occult-related symbols within SCP-3826 have been— I don't know, bleeding? I only noticed it after the nightmares when I relooked through the footage.

Researcher Caroll: Again, this is under investigation. This has been Researcher Roy Caroll, signing off.


Addendum 3826-HLELA: On 4/15/2033, all Foundation personnel within ~5 km of SCP-3826 experienced a common hallucination. The following is a report written by Zeta-9 Agent Magubane.

Report filed by: Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") Operative Randy Magubane
Access: Level-3, EYES ONLY

On April 15, 2033, all research, MTF, and Class-D personnel assigned to SCP-3826 shared a singular auditory and visual hallucination. This hallucination was in regards to Sarkicism and the Grand Karcist Ion, the leader of Sarkicism.

The hallucination started with all participating subjects believing they had been transported to an unidentified location. It is to note that this transportation never actually occurred as surveyed through SCP-3826 surveillance tapes. The location in which participants were transported to can only be described as a chapel constructed of fleshy, biological substances.

Within the chapel were instances of SCP-3826-1 along with the unidentified entity in 3826-Exploration-2 and Grand Karcist Ion. All individuals were gathered around a statue of Važjuma, the primary Sarkic deity.

Upon approaching the gathering, Grand Karcist Ion would approach the Foundation personnel and state the following sentence (broadly gathered from all hallucination witnesses): "Will you see it? Can you? Our Lord, Važjuma, preparing to rise once more. Every piece of salvage could be used to reform Mekhane, and we cannot allow that. We must teleport to His realm, the Present, and assist him in his uprising. We know you can feel Mekhane rising. Jupiter churns as our enemies grow. We have won the war once, and now, it is commencing again. We, His followers, shall uphold our victorious stance not only for this next war but forever on."

Following this, no more hallucinations have been witnessed. The location depicted in the hallucination is currently under investigation with the ultimate goal to find the location.

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