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Item #: SCP-3825

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3825 is to be contained in the lowest sub-basement level at Site-15, in an enlarged humanoid containment unit. In order to reduce the risk of potential structural damage, SCP-3825 is not to be moved to any area that is not directly supported by solid ground or specially reinforced floors, such as the upper floors of any buildings on-site.

Investigation into the whereabouts of PoI-3825-1 are ongoing. If possible, PoI-3825-1 is to be captured and brought to Site-15 for interrogation.

Description: SCP-3825 is the collective designation for an adult human male and the mass of inert copies of itself it continually generates. SCP-3825 appears as a conglomeration of adult male human bodies physically merged with one another to form a solid mass of human tissue. Each of these copied bodies is referred to as an instance of SCP-3825-1. SCP-3825-1 physically resembles adult male human bodies, but are inert and show no signs of life functions. At the “front” of this mass is a live human male known as SCP-3825-2, which moves, speaks, and behaves identically to a non-anomalous human.

SCP-3825-2 continually and involuntarily generates instances of SCP-3825-1, identical in appearance to SCP-3825-2, that merge into each other to form the bulk of SCP-3825. These copies appear as “freeze-frames” of how SCP-3825-2 was positioned at the time of their generation. Although SCP-3825-1 appear tangible to outside interaction, SCP-3825-2 can physically pass through SCP-3825-1 instances, allowing more instances to be formed “inside” previous instances. This stacking occurs seamlessly, and results in an increased mass density within the overlap.

Analysis has determined that each SCP-3825-1 instance manifests for a total of thirty seconds before demanifesting, and as the oldest instance demanifests, a new instance is simultaneously created from SCP-3825-2. SCP-3825-2 generates SCP-3825-1 ten times per second, making the total conglomeration of SCP-3825-1 consist of 300 instances at any given time. Each instance possesses a mass of approximately 85 kilograms, placing the full mass of SCP-3825 at over 25 metric tons. The density of this mass depends on the rate at which SCP-3825-2 changes its geographic location, and can quickly reach structurally hazardous levels when SCP-3825-2 stands still.

Recovery: SCP-3825 was discovered in 20██ after several floors of the ████ Laboratory in ████, New York suddenly collapsed, creating a series of holes leading to its basement. Foundation agents embedded in emergency services were some of the first on-scene, and discovered SCP-3825, injured but alive, lying atop a pile of rubble in the basement beneath the collapsed floors. The rubble had been largely crushed into gravel and splinters by SCP-3825’s substantial weight. Civilian first responders were amnesticized, and a cover story about improper adherence to building codes was distributed to the public.

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