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Item #: SCP-3822

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-3822, total containment has yet to be accomplished. Containment efforts are thus focused on preventing SCP-3822 from exerting influence on the United States federal government and subverting civilian recruitment. To this end, multiple Foundation operatives have been embedded into the group with the express task of identifying and apprehending key members of SCP-3822's hierarchy, particularly SCP-3822-01. As other members are not believed to be anomalous and generally pose no immediate threat to Foundation interests, they are not to be detained or terminated unless such an action would be done in self-defense. Operatives are required to conduct weekly radio check-ins with the Foundation; failure to perform a check-in will assumed to be the result of the operative becoming compromised.

Description: SCP-3822 designates a political and militant organization believed to be of extraterrestrial or extradimensional origin. Though the group publicly operates as a federally recognized political party ("K-PARTY"), this is believed to be a front; limited interviews with detained SCP-3822 members suggest the group refers to itself as "K-SYN". Though SCP-3822 was formed in 1947 by SCP-3822-01 (with assistance from individuals holding significant power in the Soviet Union), the Foundation did not become aware of the organization's existence until 1998 following the election of ███████ █████████, the first member of the group to hold a seat in the United States Senate. Since this event, Foundation reconnaissance has discovered roughly 150,000 members throughout the United States, with lower membership in the United Kingdom.

SCP-3822 is led by an enigmatic and poorly understood entity designated SCP-3822-01. Based on information provided by one of the group's defectors, Foundation research staff have speculated SCP-3822-01 is nonhuman and belongs to an unidentified extraterrestrial genus; the entity does not speak comprehensible English nor is it typically seen in the proximity of SCP-3822's members. The existence of other entities belonging to SCP-3822-01's species is extremely likely, as SCP-3822-01 has unsuccessfully attempted to reproduce with female human members of SCP-3822 on numerous occasions (see Document 331-5: Recovered Police Report, Sexual Assault). The Foundation has been contacted by SCP-3822-01 on at least three occasions, though personnel were unable to understand the entity and have since dedicated considerable resources to deciphering its messages. Members of SCP-3822 appear to treat SCP-3822-01 with religious significance, seeing it as a deity or prophet.

The motivations and goals of SCP-3822 remain unknown. Though they possess an obvious and considerable interest in attaining positions of power within the United States federal government, such individuals have not attempted to pass or propose legislation considered atypical. Politicians with ties appear to possess abnormally high interest in laws relating to children, though whether this is correlated with SCP-3822's motives remains unknown.

Addendum I: Document JJA-21

The following is a propaganda leaflet distributed by PoI-2221-590, later identified as a member of SCP-3822. Roughly 200 individuals received these leaflets before PoI-2221-590 was apprehended by the Foundation.


America has begun its inevitable and inexorable descent into the abyss. Millions struggle to survive on the streets as their government exploits foreign countries and plunges the world further into perpetual war, serving only the interests of the rich and the malevolent. These are not the principles America was founded upon, nor are they principles we must tolerate any longer.

Today, I offer you a way to rid yourself of the wool over your eyes. I offer you solace - peace in knowing that a collective exists where many individuals come together seeking a common goal. When I founded K-Party, I did so knowing that the odds were unfathomably stacked against me. I did so acutely aware that the elite would do everything in their power to stifle our efforts and crush anything threatening their status quo under a boot heel.

I launched a revolution in spite of this knowledge, not to serve my interests - but to serve yours. As many already standing next to me are aware, I am an immigrant. Where I come from, there is only pain and destruction - endless death caused by corruption and political scheming. I came here many years ago and bid my time, waiting for the opportunity to rebuild America. By the grace of X'thur [sic], and by the grace of God, a fist will rise from the soil of the heartland and crush the elaborate system of the rich from within.

If you share my sentiment and wish to join me, seek out a recruitment center near you. We will be contacting many of you within the following days for a routine briefing. I wish you the best, and look forward to meeting you.

- Gorgio Crumb1

Addendum II: Interview 2215-X

The following is an interview conducted with Jacob Hawkins, a member of SCP-3822.

<BEGIN LOG, SKIP TO 00:09:25>

Dr. Mitchell: You were telling me about something called the "Ascension Ritual" earlier. Could you elaborate on that?

Hawkins: We all gathered in a room. The Leader watched us over a television monitor.

Dr. Mitchell: Gorgio Crumb?

Hawkins: Yes. He never met us in person. Always watched us through cameras. We came into the room and formed a circle around what looked like a knife on the ground. Then we waited. A few minutes passed, and The Leader came back with something - I couldn't make it out, but it looked like a photo.

Dr. Mitchell: A photo of what?

Hawkins: A woman. It's hard to remember…Jamie, maybe? They looked similar.

Dr. Mitchell: So you knew this woman?

Hawkins: She was with us at the time of the ritual. I guess she recognized herself, because she got real quiet real fast. Jamie is not a quiet girl. It was…surreal.

Dr. Mitchell: Did Crumb enter the room at any time?

Hawkins: Like I said, he just watched. Once Jamie looked at the photo, she started holding her belly real tight. Reckon she knew what was expected of her but hesitated. The rest of us just sat there and waited for something to happen. She, uh…she looked at the TV screen again and then reached for the knife.

Dr. Mitchell: Did you stop her?

Hawkins: None of us did. It was The Leader's will.

Dr. Mitchell: So you didn't take the knife from her or stop her from [REDACTED] because you felt that was what Crumb wanted?

Hawkins: Yes.

Dr. Mitchell: We found this woman yesterday with her abdomen crudely cut open. There were signs of early pregnancy. It would be fair to assume that somebody within the group was the father. Any clue who that might be?

Hawkins does not respond.

Dr. Mitchell: Mr. Hawkins?

Hawkins: I…I don't think I'm allowed to say.

Dr. Mitchell: What do you mean?

Hawkins: All of us are beautiful, even those that do not see the light. It was a tragic and heartbreaking event, but we moved on past it. The Leader believes in himself and asks us to believe in him too. That's all I know, that's all I want to know.

Dr. Mitchell: Mr. Hawkins, was she pregnant?

Hawkins: The Leader is fair and just. The Leader is fair and just.

At this point, Hawkins begins tearing at his wrists with his fingernails in an apparent attempt to self-terminate. Security is immediately notified and a Yellow-level event is declared.

Dr. Mitchell (to security): Get me a sedative.

Hawkins: The Leader is fair and just. The Leader is fair and -

Security enters the room and sedates Hawkins. Interview terminated.

Addendum III: Revision Request:

Recent research suggests SCP-3822 may be at least partially related to a now defunct post-human cult formed in the 1990's referred to as "Gatekeepers". Roughly 22 women were sexually assaulted and forcibly impregnated by the group's leader before police intervened. Information regarding the group is scarce, but at least one member survived and later joined SCP-3822. Requesting authorization to revise this article with this new information.

Denied until more accurate, substantiated information becomes available. - O5 Command

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