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SCP-3820-A-2378 in containment. Specimen is coated entirely with a material similar in texture to marble, but is malleable enough to allow for normal movement.

Item #: SCP-3820

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Any alleged or confirmed spontaneous manifestation events1 involving living, anomalous Canis lupus familiaris or Felis catus specimens are to be reported to SCP-3820 research personnel as potential SCP-3820-A manifestations. Specimens involved in such an event are to be designated SCP-3820-A and contained as standard anomalous animals.

If an SCP-3820-A instance undergoes a spontaneous disappearance event while in containment, SCP-3820 researchers are to be notified immediately. The disappearance is not to be treated as a standard containment breach.

Description: SCP-3820 is the collective designation for a phenomenon in which living, anomalous members of Canis lupus familiaris or Felis catus, referred to as SCP-3820-A, spontaneously appear and disappear on Earth. SCP-3820-A instances can manifest suddenly at any populated location around the world, with seemingly no pattern to where they appear.

Video recordings of confirmed SCP-3820-A manifestations show the sudden appearance of a bright, blue-colored flash which lasts for about one second before subsiding, with at least one SCP-3820-A instance manifesting at the center of the flash.

The known SCP-3820-A population consists of a wide variety of breeds, including currently unknown pedigrees or genetically engineered hybrids. Each SCP-3820-A instance has completely unique anomalous features of varying hazard levels and containment difficulty2.

Regardless of any anomalous features or unknown genetics, most SCP-3820-A instances biologically and visually resemble their non-anomalous counterparts. Most also behave in a docile or friendly manner towards human subjects, suggesting that they have been domesticated.

While in containment, all SCP-3820-A instances will eventually undergo a spontaneous disappearance event. Security footage has shown the appearance of a bright, blue flash, similar to footage of the manifestation events, which lasts for approximately one second before subsiding and revealing the disappearance of the subject.

Researchers have yet to determine the mechanism of both spontaneous appearance and disappearance events, or discover the source of the SCP-3820-A instances as well as their ultimate destination. Minute traces of Lawrence particles3 were detected during the disappearance events, suggesting that the SCP-3820-A instances were of potential extra-dimensional origin.

Since the first confirmed specimen was contained three years ago, there have been 3504 contained SCP-3820-A instances as of 31/07/2017, with only 101 currently in containment. An SCP-3820-A instance can spend anywhere from three days up to one year in Foundation containment, with the average period being about one month.

Of the 3504 confirmed instances, 1750 have returned to Earth and back into Foundation containment at least once.

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