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Item #: SCP-3819

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3819 and a single copy of SCP-3819-1 are to be stored within a secure storage locker at Site-73 and removed only for testing.

Testing of any of the 'trials' stipulated in SCP-3819-1 beyond the 'Seventh Trial' is expressly forbidden. Any instances of SCP-3819-1 created during testing of SCP-3819 are to be incinerated once testing concludes.

Personnel working with SCP-3819 are subject to surveillance and will be met with disciplinary action if found personally attempting any 'trials' beyond the 'First Trial'.

Description: SCP-3819 is a golden box that outwardly resembles a larnax, a type of container used by ancient Aegean civilizations to store human remains. Forensic analysis has concluded SCP-3819 was created in the 20th century using contemporary means. SCP-3819 possesses no anomalous physical properties.

When SCP-3819 is opened, a copy of SCP-3819-1 will appear within it. Extensive testing has demonstrated this effect occurs instantaneously, with SCP-3819-1 not existing within the box until it is opened. A copy of SCP-3891 will always appear so long as the box is empty when opened, allowing for the production of theoretically infinite copies.

SCP-3819-1 is a standard sheet of modern printer paper with a message typed in Times New Roman font. Every copy of SCP-3819-1 is wholly identical in all properties. SCP-3819-1's text exhibits a minor anomalous effect upon being read or viewed, causing subjects to perceive its text as written in the language they are most fluent in.

SCP-3819-1's text details thirteen 'trials' to be completed by the subject in order to have the 'object of their greatest desire' appear within SCP-3819. Only the 'First Trial' is visible on a newly created copy of SCP-3819-1. Upon completion of the 'First Trial' by a subject, text describing the 'Second Trial' will appear below it. This effect will continue with all subsequent 'trials'; once a 'trial' is completed, the text describing the next 'trial' will appear beneath it. SCP-3819-1 has been shown to visibly lengthen as necessary to accommodate the additional text.

A copy of SCP-3819-1 will perceive any subject who reads it as a participant in its 'trials', appearing unable to recognize any distinctions between subjects. It will recognize any subject's completion of the latest 'trial' available regardless of individual progress. It has proven able to detect when a subject has completed one of its 'trials' regardless of distance.

Testing has confirmed that SCP-3819-1 possesses no cognitohazardous, compulsive, or memetic properties.

A transcript of the initial copy of SCP-3819-1 recovered is available below.


If you're reading this, you've been given a rare opportunity, a most rare opportunity indeed! After all, it's not just every day that one is given the means to make their deepest desires come true! Desire, more intoxicating than the finest wine… don't pretend you do not possess it. Everyone wants something, and there is always something that everyone wants more than anything else. Without desire, humanity would not be humanity. Throughout the history of that very same humanity, so very many have sought to fulfill their desires, no matter the sacrifice. Alas, this world is far too cruel, and so very many fall short or are never given the opportunity to begin with. An unfulfilled desire is like a child killed before it can even begin to reach its potential… there is no greater tragedy.

This little box will change that.

I tell no lies, and make nothing but guarantees. Below my little message here are descriptions of thirteen trials you must take, thirteen trials that will push you to your very limits… but certainly not beyond them. Each and every one of them is more than doable, no matter the world's unfairness. You may see only one now, but once you complete the first, you will understand… and you will understand that I am telling you the truth about what this box offers.

If you fulfill the thirteen trials of this box, the object of your deepest desire will appear within it, no matter what it might be. Infinite riches? Infinite happiness? Infinite life? The object of one's desire can be anything and everything, and it can fit within even an box. No matter the depths of your desire, no matter how dark or deep or primal it may be, this box is guaranteed to fulfill it.

I swear to you that if you complete these challenges, that which you most desire will be in your grasp, and you will know the height of satisfaction.

Shall we begin?

SCP-3819 was recovered from the Texas estate of Jameson Marshall, CEO of the ███████ Corporation. Mr. Marshall held notable public reputation as a philanthropist and historical enthusiast, contributing significant funding to law enforcement and archeological expeditions to Viking and Roman sites. Recovered financial records indicate SCP-3819 was purchased by at private auction, presented to bidders as an authentic larnax.

Though no known anomalous activity had been associated with Mr. Marshall prior to the auction, from 4/5/20██ onward, reports of potential domestic altercation, unusual behavior, and missing persons in proximity to the Marshall estate began to be made to local police. Police records indicate these reports were not followed up on for several months, citing that officers were fully occupied with unspecified other investigations. However, on 7/19/20██, officers were dispatched to the Marshall estate in response to a home security alarm being tripped.

Upon entering the estate, the officers found ██ corpses arranged in a circle around SCP-3819. All of the corpses had been forcibly contorted into positions unnatural for the human body, and a plurality of the corpses were found to be missing some combination of external or internal anatomy. The deceased were principally found to be from a lower income bracket, many later identified as household employees. The body of Jameson Marshall was found off to the side of the circle, missing a left hand and both feet. While unable to determine the methodology via which his feet had been removed, forensics were able to determine that he had dragged himself away from SCP-3819 afterwards, prior to killing himself with a self inflicted gunshot.

The situation was deferred to the Foundation, with agents quickly dispatched to recover SCP-3819, administer amnestics, and develop a suitable cover story. It was discovered shortly after SCP-3819's retrieval that there was a single object within it, with preliminary analysis indicating that the object had spontaneously appeared internally.

Though testing negative for any anomalous properties, upon being fed to former food critic D-1780, the object was promptly declared "absolutely the best damn cheeseburger I've ever fucking had holy shit".

An autopsy conducted afterwards additionally found that Jameson Marshall had not eaten for several days prior to his death.

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