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Item #: SCP-3814

Object Class: Neutralized Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

As of 06/11/2009, SCP-3814 has been reclassified as Neutralized. Former classification: Safe. Reclassified to Euclid. See Incident Report 3814/2

SCP-3814 is currently contained at the D-Class Cell Block of Site-91. The role of SCP-3814-1 is to be passed between D-Class Personnel indefinitely. Current SCP-3814-1 is forbidden to participate in any tests until they are no longer SCP-3814-1.

Should any higher personnel become SCP-3814-1 by any means, they are required to pass the role to a member of the D-Class personnel as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-3814 is an anomalous game of Tag. The currently 'tagged' subject, from here on referred to as SCP-3814-1, experiences a mental compulsion to 'tag' any nearby individuals. The strength of this effect increases with time. After approximately 24 hours since tagging, most affected subjects begin to claim that it is almost impossible to resist this compulsion and can attempt to 'tag' others even in inconvenient or even dangerous situations. (See Incident Report 3814/1).

In addition to this, SCP-3814-1 will not experience any such compulsive tendencies towards the previously 'tagged' person. After SCP-3814 has been passed onto another person, all effects it had on SCP-3814-1 will cease. No other effects have been observed. (See Incident Report 3814/2)

Once the subject becomes SCP-3814-1, the rules of SCP-3814 are permanently embedded in their memories through anomalous means.

Following is a transcript of the rules as written down by one of the subjects:

  1. To tag you have to touch the person and say "Tag, you're it!"
  2. You cannot tag the person who tagged you.
  3. The tag MUST be passed on.

All investigative attempts to uncover the origin of SCP-3814 have failed. SCP-3814 was brought into Site-91 in 2005 by Dr. ████, who was unaware of its anomalous nature at the time. Later it was found that SCP-3814 was passed onto Dr. ████ by a family member, who was 'tagged' by their co-worker… While this backtracking of SCP-3814's history was not able to identify an origin of the anomaly, it has proven that it existed as far back as 18██.

Addendum: Incident Report 3814/1
On 06/11/2009, SCP-3814-1 (at the time, Dr. Lisa Arlington) was killed during an experiment with SCP-████.1

The remnants of Dr. Arlington's body were taken care of according to standard Foundation procedure in such manners. SCP-3814 reclassified as Neutralized.

Addendum: Incident Report 3814/2
On 07/11/2009, approximately 24 hours after her death, Dr. Arlington was sighted at Site-91, lying unconscious in a hallway leading to staff dormitories. Dr. Erwick called site security to aid him in relocating Dr. Arlington to on-site infirmary. Medical evaluation didn't find any abnormalities in Dr. Arlington's physiology. Following is an interview conducted by Dr. Erwick shortly after Dr. Arlington regained consciousness.

Interviewed: Dr. Arlington

Interviewer: Dr. Erwick

<Begin Log>

Dr. Erwick: What happened to you, Lisa?

Dr. Arlington: I don't know.

Dr. Erwick: Do you remember anything after your- After the incident with SCP-████?

Dr. Arlington: No. I remember waking up here at the medical bay.

Dr. Erwick: Lisa, please. Try harder. You must remember something.

Dr. Arlington: I am sorry, Chris - I just don't recall anything.

Dr. Erwick: Okay. Fine… Alright. I apologise, it must be hard.

Dr. Arlington: What must be hard? Everyone is acting weird around me, what is it?

Dr. Erwick is silent

Dr. Arlington: Chris, tell me.

Dr. Erwick: We thought you were dead.

Dr. Arlington: Well, I clearly survived.

Dr. Erwick: No. You didn't.

Dr. Arlington: What?

Dr. Erwick: You died, Lisa. We have no clue why you appeared this morning…

Neither participant speaks for almost twenty seconds.

Dr. Erwick: I know. I couldn't believe it either, Lisa. Whatever happened is a miracle.

Dr. Arlington: Chris…

Dr. Erwick: I don't know what I would do without you…

Dr. Arlington: Chris!

Dr. Erwick: Yes?

Dr. Arlington: [Dr. Arlington appears to be in pain.] I think I remember something.

Dr. Erwick: Yes, of course. And what is it?

Dr. Arlington: It's- it's just a bunch of words, sentences maybe. I can't make anything of it though.

Dr. Erwick: Words? Can you tell me about any of these words?

Dr. Arlington: It's like some rules. In my mind. Gosh it hurts.

Dr. Erwick: We can stop if you-

Dr. Arlington: The tag must be passed on.

Dr. Erwick: Do you mean the Site-91 Tag? SCP-3814?

Dr. Arlington: The tag must be passed on.

Dr. Erwick: Lisa, you already said that.

Dr. Arlington stays silent for another 11 seconds, then repeats herself once more.

Dr. Erwick: Lisa?

No reaction from Dr. Arlington.

Dr. Erwick: Lisa? [Dr. Erwick is about to leave the room.]

Dr. Arlington: Wait. Chris.

Dr. Erwick returns to Dr. Arlington.

Dr. Arlington: Hold my hand, please.

Dr. Erwick: [Dr. Erwick makes physical contact with Dr. Arlington.] I am here for you, Lisa.

Dr. Arlington: …Tag… .You're it.

Dr. Erwick: [Dr. Erwick seems confused.] What?

Dr. Arlington suddenly expires without any visible explanation.

Dr. Erwick: Lisa? Lisa! No! Please! No- [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Erwick was removed out of the room and later questioned. It would appear that SCP-3814 grants temporal reanimation in cases where SCP-3814-1 dies before they can tag someone else. Further research denied. SCP-3814 reclassified to Euclid. Containment Procedures updated according to Dr. Erwick's suggestions.

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