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SCP-3813 during initial exploration with Agent Setrate to the right.

Special Containment Procedures: The primary superstructure of SCP-3813 is located at the bottom of the Tyrrhenian Sea, roughly 17km southwest of Rome near the Italian Peninsula. Due to its size and position on the seabed, transportation is infeasible.

Further analysis (as well as additional information from third-party sources) is necessary to ensure the long-term containment of SCP-3813. Should SCP-3813 become active, Site-77 Mobile Task Forces are to mobilize to SCP-3813’s current location and await further orders.

Foundation assets embedded in local maritime law enforcement are to prevent civilian access to SCP-3813. Anyone attempting to access the SCP-3813 site is to be interrogated. All information pertaining to SCP-3813 is to be removed from the historical record. The current working cover story can be reviewed in Department of Disinformation Datafile 3813.10841 (“Second Punic War: Variation 6”).

Description: SCP-3813 is a massive mechanical superstructure located beneath the Tyrrhenian Sea near Rome, Italy. While the majority of the superstructure is buried beneath the seafloor, a significant percentage can be accessed by divers. The interior of the structure is a partially submerged network of corridors and passageways.

Historical records indicate that SCP-3813 was a mechanical war elephant. SCP-3813 was equipped with a number of antiquated armaments, including catapults and ballistae, along with a command tower on the back of the structure. The means by which SCP-3813 was powered is unknown, though investigation of the interior of the collapsed superstructure indicates an anomalous design.

Records pertaining to SCP-3813 have been removed from the public historical record by unknown agents in the Roman Republic, Empire, and the early Catholic Church. Remaining information indicates that SCP-3813 was a mechanical siege engine commissioned by the Carthaginian military for use in the Second Punic War. The entity stood roughly 375m in height and was capable of carrying a number of Carthaginian soldiers and supplies.

Addendum 3813.1: Surviving Historical Records of SCP-3813

Addendum 3813.2: Exploration Log Transcription

A complete historical summary of SCP-3813's attack on Rome has been compiled by Foundation Historian, Dr. Elias Antony in document 3813-L.

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