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SCP-3811. Image taken from its Facebook profile before removal.

Item #: SCP-3811

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3811 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-06-3. Interviews with SCP-3811 must either be conducted through non-verbal means or video calls unless given permission by personnel working on the SCP-3811 project. Those working with SCP-3811 who wish to become an instance of SCP-3811-A must be approved by two Level 4 personnel and must fill out the necessary forms regarding their background and current psychological health. After approval and transformation to an instance of SCP-3811-A, they must be put into quarantine for at least 14 days and monitored for any dangerous or harmful properties before being allowed to continue work with SCP-3811. Any information regarding SCP-3811's sessions that is published online is to be copied into Site-06-3's archives. The original copy is to be erased.

Instances of SCP-3811-A must be interviewed upon recovery if possible. Instances of SCP-3811-A that display good behavior and whose anomalous properties have minimal risk are to be offered the option to become D-Class, otherwise they must each be stored in a personal standard humanoid containment cell, with some exceptions (see Addendum 03). To those who can be interviewed, they are to be assigned a weekly therapist until their anomalous properties have shown signs of total diminishment, after which they are to be administered Class C amnestics and released.

Description: SCP-3811 is an African-American woman, aged 32 years old as of 20██, standing 173.9 cm tall, and weighing 68.4 kg. SCP-3811's anomalous properties are only displayed after it speaks to a subject in person about their personal fears or problems, in which case the subject becomes an instance of SCP-3811-A. Subjects must convey their fears or anxieties willingly, as SCP-3811's effects do not take place unless the subject is willing to cooperate. As of 9/28/20██, 107 instances of SCP-3811-A have been contained; however, reports from SCP-3811 claim there are potentially hundreds more as of yet uncontained.

Instances of SCP-3811-A are human individuals who have developed anomalous properties after being spoken to by SCP-3811 about their personal issues. Instances of SCP-3811-A vary greatly in anomalous properties, and their anomalous properties are seemingly related to the previously mentioned fears and anxieties. Examples of anomalous properties acquired by instances of SCP-3811-A include but are not limited to water-breathing, production of pleasant-smelling aromas, significantly enhanced stamina, and immunity to immolation. Strength and effectiveness of said properties appear to depend on how well the "session" with SCP-3811 went as well as the severity of the subject's anxieties, however many instances report that their anxieties or fears aren't necessarily cured, but rather temporarily dampened due to their anomalous properties.1

Most subjects feel or experience the effects of their newfound anomalous properties within █ minutes after their "session" with SCP-3811, however there are some exceptions that require a certain set of circumstances to be met before a subject's anomalous properties are activated. SCP-3811 appears to possess some control over the properties it grants to subjects, however it has reportedly been unable to consistently give subjects with similar fears or anxieties the same property. SCP-3811 has proven unwilling to disclose information regarding instances of SCP-3811-A to most personnel, claiming "counselor/patient confidentiality".2

As of 9/28/20██, four Foundation personnel and ██ D-Class have become instances of SCP-3811-A. Of note, the Foundation has managed to recover instances of SCP-3811-A in the field. The SCP-3811-A individuals that have demonstrated good behavior have been given the option to become D-Class personnel; this sanction applies so long as the individuals’ anomalous properties are deemed useful or present minimal risk.3

Addendum 01:

SCP-3811 was discovered after a blog made by a Miss Abigail ████████ gained sudden popularity on the internet. Reports showed her being initially afraid of social interaction before gaining what appeared to be a severe lack of inhibitions after a counseling session with a Miss Shaun █████. Miss ████████ ceased posting updates to her blog on July 13th, 20██, as she reportedly died of a drug overdose. The Foundation looked into the counselor and discovered nearly all of her patients had reported what could potentially be anomalous properties. Miss █████ was later detained and given the designation SCP-3811.

Below is a copy of select entries from Miss ████████'s blog before its deletion.

Blog Post 74 was Miss ████████'s final post before she was found dead in ██████, cause of death determined to be a heroin overdose.

Addendum 02:

Below is a selection of instances of SCP-3811-A.

Addendum 03:

As of 9/28/20██, SCP-3811 has participated in ███ Foundation interviews, following various case developments. Transcripts of particular note are included below.

Additional support in regards to SCP-3811's mental health is ongoing.

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