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Item #: SCP-3805 Level 3/3805
Object Class: Keter Classified


Example of SCP-3805's "Shell" layer.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the progress of gestation, SCP-3805 cannot be contained indefinitely. Until alternative methods of containment can be devised, Protocol UN2-Maker must be enacted at every equinox. Expedition attempts into SCP-3805 via SCP-3805-1A are to be prevented, with the exception of parties attempting Protocol UN2-Maker. Any personnel or entity returning from SCP-3805-1A not identified as part of MTF Orion-19 (Rift Keepers) is to be terminated immediately. No contact with any returning personnel is to be initiated by those without full access to Protocol UN2-Maker. Protocol UN2-Maker must be initiated from Site 21/SCP-3805-1A. All information related to Protocol UN2-Maker is restricted to the Site 21 Director, Protocol initiators, MTF Orion-19 and Level 5 personnel.

The 3805 Misinformation Campaign must continue to track all developments and account for any possible discovery of SCP-3805. All attempts by a civilian body or GOI to access any geological layer beneath the lithosphere, regardless of intent or method, is to be halted by any means necessary. Any intrusive attempts to breach the lithosphere are to be halted by MTF Orion-19.

Any temporary instance of SCP-3085-1 must be isolated until dispersion. Any new permanent SCP-3805-1 instances are to be catalogued and reported to MTF Orion-19. SCP-3805-1B is to remain monitored by Observation and Research Post (ORP) 5303. Any attempts to access or neutralise SCP-3805 are to be halted by MTF Orion-19, with lethal force if necessary.

Description: SCP-3805 is a gestating embryonic entity located at the core of what were considered the geological layers of the Earth. The lithosphere is considered a "shell" and outer membrane, while the asthenosphere and mantle are hypothesised to act in a similar manner to albumen in avian eggs (egg white). The outer core is known to be a network of gelatinous tunnel structures, partially linked to SCP-3805-1, while the inner core is recognised as the embryo itself. All layers below the lithosphere are recognised as organic in nature. How SCP-3805 is related to Earth's geological functions, magnetic field and similar items is unknown.

Drilling, excavation and similar activities into the lithosphere does not affect SCP-3805 or its gestation process, however intrusive actions to layers below the asthenosphere are liable to activate instances of SCP-3805-1. While SCP-3805 does not currently possess any form of advanced consciousness, it is still able to spawn cases of SCP-3805-1 as a reaction to external stimuli. Further investigation into the generation of SCP-3805-1 instances is ongoing.

SCP-3805-1 are dimensional rifts of varying size created by SCP-3805, activated as a response to external stimuli. Visually these rifts are often tinged a dark purple, and what appear to be stars and purple nebula are visible on the other side. The majority of these rifts are both of moderate size and temporarily active, dispersing when the cause of external stimuli is neutralised. The method of neutralisation varies depending on the nature of the threat, but reports indicate SCP-3805-1 contains unclassified entities that are utilised as defensive mechanisms. (See Addendum 3805-1RO4). These entities are known to be tied to SCP-3805-1, and as such cannot spread beyond the reach of the rift.


SCP-3805-1A's original entrance, prior to Site 21's construction.

There are currently two known SCP-3805-1 surface instances that have remained active over an extended period, with no known method of dispersal available. Both SCP-3805-1A and SCP-3805-1B are tied to physical archways, while standard SCP-3805-1 instances are not. These archways are constructed entirely of stone. SCP-3805-1A is located at Site 21 and is currently the only "stable" rift. This rift is directly linked to SCP-3805 and allows entry by both humans and artificial constructs (See Exploration Log 3805-1A[DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF O5-██]). SCP-3805-1A allows direct access to the organic layers of SCP-3805, with the rift's exit being located 15 kilometres beneath the "outer core". As a result SCP-3805-1A is the only location where Protocol UN2-Maker can be enacted. How human access is possible considering the immense temperatures and pressure at that depth is uncertain.

SCP-3805-1B is located underneath a mansion in ████, France. SCP-3805-1B is currently inert and has been sealed by unknown means, however the occupants of the SCP-3805-1B estate are known to be responsible. It is hypothesised SCP-3805-1B served a similar function to SCP-3805-1A, with recovered items of interest supporting this hypothesis (See Addendum 3805-1B/RI).

Addendum 3805/R1:
Due to an attempt at sabotage by Agent ██████, Agent ████, Site Director ████ and Doctor ██, application of Procedure UN2-Maker was only partially successful. As of ██/██/████, the O-5 Council will maintain full control over the procedure. Site Director ████ was assigned to Procedure UN2-Maker along with Doctor ██. Both Agents were terminated upon reassignment failure.

Addendum 3805-1RO4:
Stimuli Entity Description Entity Reaction
One drilling jumbo, positioned near SCP-3805-1A. Three large, vaguely cephalopod tentacles. Entity disables jumbo, before dragging it into the rift. No personnel were lost.
Work crew (Attempt to seal SCP-3805-1A) Entity is approx. 5 metres tall, consisting entirely of a dark blue liquid, similar to oil. Work crew is "absorbed" by entity, visibly attempting to escape or call for help while inside it. Entity exits upon absorbing all personnel.
Submarine drilling operation in the Marianas Trench Entity resembles a large, obese goat with no hind legs. Both front legs are elongated and appear triple jointed. Actiniaria-like (Sea anemone) growths are present in both eye sockets and inside the mouth. Entity propelled itself by unknown means and destroyed all relevant machinery. Both the machinery and overseeing submersible were caught by the Actiniaria growths, which extended from the eyes, and crushed.
Detonation of subterranean nuclear warheads during Site ███ containment breach. Entity was not visible on the visual spectrum, further data pending. Site was removed from our dimension, no traces of Site ███ remain. Pieces of debris with Foundation markings were visible in SCP-3805-1A upon a later investigation. All SCP items assigned to Site ███ are unaccounted for.
Oil derrick with modified anomalous drilling system. Survivors state the entity was "a kraken". Cephalopod traits were noted. No further evidence could be collected. Derrick was destroyed prior to activation. This may suggest SCP-3805 is now able to perceive threats prior to any physical stimuli.
A 15m wide comet. [REDACTED BY ORDER OF O5-██ AND O5-██] [REDACTED]

These entities generated from the -1 instances seem to act as antibodies. This align with our current theory; that SCP-3805 does not act on a conscious level or possess any degree of full sentience.

Dr Jeninov

Addendum 3805-1B/RF:
Following the discovery of SCP-3805-1B, the estate above the sealed anomaly was searched. Among multiple items of interest were the notes of Sir ████ ████████, the final owner of the estate. Most of these notes are files related to experimentation and research into the background of SCP-3805-1B. These notes also delve into SCP-3805, its possible origins, SCP-3805-1 and further tangents. Of note are the final pages of ████████'s journal, which detail an expedition into SCP-3805-1B. The body of ████████ was also found, with a gunshot wound to the skull. The final page has been translated from French.

The portal is shut. Victory is ours, for however long it matters.

Whatever thing we found down there was put to the sword, I saw the horrible pulsating heart quiver and expel its foul blackness. The stars and void poured out of it, even deeper than that which we were already among. It was a hollow achievement. Pierre was the only one to make it out with me, the rest of the mercenaries and holy warriors I attracted to my cause fell at the hands of those hell-spawn. We had trekked through a profusion of flesh and hideous starlight to stop the spread of that unnatural-

A portion of the text is illegible due to a large splatter across the page, which is a mix of ink and blood.

But greater thing is sated by our violence. I would not be foolish enough to assume we ever could've done it harm. We were a sacrifice, a batch of foolhardy souls now united in matyrdom for the sake of survival. Alas, it will all be for nothing. The stars will align in unremitting motion and the thing will hatch from this shell of dirt and rock. We shall all be lost to the thing that birthed us.

I will not speak of this, my intent is to bury this knowledge. Mankind can live and die in ignorance of my despair. None need know of the inescapable birth of the World.

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