Sample of logos displayed in SCP-3804. Clockwise, SCP-3804-4, SCP-3804-25, SCP-3804-174

Item #: SCP-3804

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation AI, DEINOPIS, has been embedded into all major email services to monitor inboxes for instances of SCP-3804. Maintenance of DEINOPIS is the responsibility of MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers"). If an instance is located, the AI will make a copy for Foundation records, and the instance of SCP-3804 will be permanently deleted from the recipient's account.

Any intended recipients identified as reading SCP-3804 are to be located and secured by Foundation agents, to then be administered Class-A or Class-B amnestics, as appropriate.

Description: SCP-3804 is a series of emails purportedly written by Olivier de Whynn, CEO of "Magnum and Whitley".1 No record of either the individual nor company exists outside of SCP-3804. Several instances of SCP-3804 contain an image supposedly of de Whynn, but no two images have been the same. Individuals depicted have varied in age, race, weight, eye colour, and other aesthetic features.

All encountered instances of SCP-3804 are labelled as being sent from "", and are sent exclusively to business/work-related email accounts.2 The method through which SCP-3804 are sent and delivered is currently unknown. The emails' content varies from instance to instance, but consistently reference catastrophic events or circumstances, and the impact of these on Magnum and Whitley.

Upon reading the email, the recipient will become agitated and preoccupied with their organisation's incident response policies and disaster recovery plans. Any plans or policies in existence will be deemed severely insufficient. If they have the resources and authority to do so, recipients will take various actions that they believe will improve their organisation's readiness for a catastrophic event.3 When questioned, recipients are unable to explain what they are preparing for, or how their actions will help mitigate its effects.

Recipients will not recall reading the email, nor will they attribute their actions to it. When shown the email a second time no anomalous effect is present, and recipients will often express confusion over the nature of SCP-3804. Despite this, administration of amnestics has proved effective in counteracting SCP-3804's effects. Only the intended recipients are vulnerable to the effects of SCP-3804 - reading an instance will have no anomalous impact on other individuals.

Discovery: SCP-3804 was discovered by the Foundation after ████ ██████, CEO of multinational corporation ██████, publicly announced plans, via a company blog post, to issue all employees with gas masks and emergency rations as standard, due to the possibility of "a rainy day occurring".4 Foundation agents were dispatched to investigate the situation, and the announcement was attributed to cyber vandalism.

Addendum SCP-3804.1: Selected instances of SCP-3804:5


Description: SCP-3804-2 was delivered to a cyber intelligence analyst at The National Bank of ██████, on ██/██/██. Following SCP-3804's discovery, MTF Mu-4 were employed to monitor for further incidents and investigate the SCP.



I am sure that we have all been unsettled by the events of the last days. The destruction of Orleans and subsequent disturbances across the globe have been truly shocking to witness. As the dust settles and our national infrastructure finds itself slow to recover, now is a good time to reacquaint ourselves with Magnum and Whitley's "FlexiWork" policy.

We support you to be flexible in how you work, whether that's from the office, your home, or your nearest relocation or evacuation centre. Portable wifi hotspots and ethernet cables are available to all employees from the Operations and Services desk on Floor 3, but our state of the art internet security allows you to utilise any home or public wifi networks.

If you're working in public though, please ensure you have a privacy filter placed over your laptop screen. You never know who could be looking over your shoulder!

Fond regards,

Outcome: Recipient contacted their HR department to report that they could not locate various documents on the company intranet. Content reported missing were instructions on treating third-degree burns, weaponisation of office equipment protocols, and company policy on consuming the flesh of other colleagues.

When informed these documents did not exist, the recipient became irate, and assaulted the colleague who he was speaking to. The recipient was administered amnestics whilst in police custody, with his actions attributed to an episode of poor mental health.

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