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SCP-3803 displaying an instance of SCP-3803-1 within it.

Item #: SCP-3803

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3803 is currently held in a secure container within Site-55's Low-Risk Item Storage. All instances of SCP-3803-1 are to be incinerated after testing is concluded.

Following Incident 3803-1221, testing with SCP-3803 may only be conducted with written permission from three Level-4 Personnel. SCP-3803 is currently being held shut with a rubber band to be placed within a custom-made container with secure notches and an overhead weight to ensure the object remains shut while contained.

Description: SCP-3803 is a standard size portable business card case made of brushed aluminum with a felt interior. The exterior is silver in color and decorated with a small engraving of the object's manufacturer; "APP Inc". SCP-3803 opens and closes with an interference fit latch, the tab of which has become unreliable following a containment breach (See Incident 3803-1221 for details).

When SCP-3803 is opened it will produce 10 business cards unique to the subject opening it, referred to as SCP-3803-1. Instances of SCP-3803-1 are made of high-grade cardstock, possess simple designs, and are double-backed. The contents of SCP-3803-1 list professional information of the subject; listing one's affiliation and position in the front, with contact information on the back (if applicable). SCP-3803 will continue to produce instances of SCP-3803-1 containing the information of the subject who opened it, with more instances manifesting if the object is kept open. Additional instances manifest in tens every thirty seconds.

Addendum 1: Testing Logs

Addendum 2: Incident 3803-1221 Report

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