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Item #: SCP-3801

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: All recovered SCP-3801 instances are stored in a Class-C storage lockers, with at least one instance being present at each site containing memetic hazards. Sites requesting use of class E amnestics or higher are eligible to utilize SCP-3801 instances at the discretion of foundation personnel with level four clearance or higher. Transport and administration of SCP-3801 instances is managed by MTF Omicron-89 (“Ghostwriters”). Under no circumstances should anyone be forced to use an SCP-3801 instance (If noncompliance is expected, the subject should be asked to use the object without explanation).

Description: SCP-3801 is a collection of 794 loose-leaf journals which produce an amnestic effect capable of purging most memetic effects on any human who records events within the object. This effect only occurs after the pages written on are removed. Pages removed from the notebooks invariably disappear within five minutes of removal.

When all individuals aware of an event record it within an SCP-3801 instance and the corresponding pages are removed, some form of fictional recollection of said event will spontaneously begin circulating within the general population. These recollections can be expressed in mediums including books, video games, and children’s stories and are entirely mundane except for their origin. The actual creation of these recollections also appear to be mundane. Authors detained and interviewed by Foundation personnel have claimed to have been working on the recollection for months or years before the date SCP-3801 was used.

Experiment Log:
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