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Item #: SCP-3799

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No access to Crozier Island is permitted, for either staff or civilians. The Foundation currently enforces a no-fly zone around Crozier Island, and several Foundation craft patrol the perimeter for any unwanted intruders. Any unauthorised personnel, be they civilian or staff, attempting to enter are to be issued with the appropriate amnestics to erase any unusual knowlege or interest in SCP-3799.

Description: SCP-3799 is a perfect sphere composed entirely of snow and with a circumference of exactly 6 metres. SCP-3799 is suspended without visible means of support at a height of 500 metres over Crozier Island, Greenland. Crozier Island is the location of Site-799, a site devoted to experimental research.

Contained within SCP-3799 is SCP-3799-1, the corpse of an adult male human wearing what appears to be an unknown variant of a Foundation uniform. SCP-3799-1's right arm protrudes out of SCP-3799, and was formerly holding a number of documents which have since been recovered. The cause of death of SCP-3799-1 is believed to have been from blood loss, apparently the result of self-inflicted wounds to the wrists.

Scans of SCP-3799 show that it posesses an abnormally low Hume field. Attempts to penetrate or harm SCP-3799 or SCP-3799-1 have all resulted in failure.

SCP-3799 first appeared on 24/12/1987, during an experiment in Site-799 forming part of Project [FURTHER INFORMATION EXPUNGED ON ORDER OF O5-█].

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