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Item#: SCP-3793

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3793 is to be contained in a properly plaqued containment locker on Site 62's physical media storage center. While magnetic media naturally deteriorates over a period of decades, SCP-3793 has shown no observable time-induced decay of its base materials, nor a reduced level of audio integrity and quality due to age or repeated playbacks. Nevertheless, care is advised when handling SCP-3793 due to its current state, and local temperature and humidity conditions should still be observed to prevent possible material degradation.

Should SCP-3793's anomalous properties be activated by a CPLAY event, Site 62's Emergency Task Force should be deployed in two units:

  • "Fixers", designated to quickly address sources of structural damage (fires, damaged electrical wiring, damaged piping/plumbing and subsequent floods, etc), protect and recover on-site documentation, and prevent potential containment breaches.
  • "Toreros", designated to lure SCP-3793-2-to-5 (and consequently SCP-3793-1) into locations where the amount of damage incurred by a CPLAY event can be kept to a minimum.

Personnel are advised to wear eye protection (preferably gas masks), flame-retardant clothing and moderate protective padding during a CPLAY event. Standard evacuation procedures apply if the site is flooded or incinerated.

When active, SCP-3793-1 has been obversed to roam anywhere within a radius of ~15km of distance outward from SCP-3793's current position. As such, Toreros are encouraged to move SCP-3793 away from its origin point in order to force SCP-3793-1-to-5 outside of a pre-delineated risk perimeter.

Description: SCP-3793 is a slightly damaged cassette tape, dating from circa 1983, containing 32 minutes of audio from an unknown early 1980s musical group called "Men of Squalor".

SCP-3793's anomalous effects are manifested when its audio is reproduced by any cassette player that is allowed to perform its tracks for a time span of 2:07 minutes. Digital copies generated by the Foundation have failed to exhibit any anomalous properties, as well as any instrumental renditions of SCP-3793's contents. Mechanically faulty cassette players (leading to stuttering and skipping of audio sections) also prevent SCP-3793's anomalous effects from taking place.

When SCP-3793's audio is reproduced for the amount of necessary time, a CPLAY event takes place. During an active CPLAY event, the following phenomena occurs:

  • Audio playback of SCP-3793's contents continues up to its conclusion, at the 32 minutes mark. Attempting to pause, stop, rewind or accelerate SCP-3793 results in no audible change, despite the cassette tape being fully manipulable in a physical fashion. Removing SCP-3793 from its current cassette player or re-inserting it into a different player also produces no observable change. The audio source is unknown, as observed decibel levels remain constant throughout SCP-3793's effective radius.
  • After approximately ~8 seconds of a CPLAY event starting, SCP-3793-1-to-5 will manifest within close vicinity of SCP-3793. SCP-3793-1-to-5 will demanifest at the end of a CPLAY event.

SCP-3793-1 is the designation given to what appears to be an extensively damaged 1978 Ford Fairmont four-door sedan. Several parts of SCP-3793-1 seem to be missing or ruptured, as its hood, doors and several parts of its engine configuration are absent or broken. SCP-3793-1 constantly generates a thick billow of smoke from inside its engine, heavily obscuring SCP-3793-1 and the area immediately beside it.

SCP-3793-2-to-5 refers to SCP-3793-1's occupants. SCP-3793-2-to-5 are four humanoid figures, each exhibiting varying degrees of injuries ranging from minor lacerations, to extensive eschar crusts and exposed bone tissue. Details about SCP-3793-2-to-5 have been difficult to assert, as SCP-3793-1's nature largely prevents observation, and most attempts at communication (sans perceived provocations) have been unsuccessful.

Once active, each of the entities within SCP-3793-1 will engage in destructive vandalism of their immediate surroundings. SCP-3793-1 has been observed to be capable of accelerating to speeds upwards of 260KM/h, and performing maneuvers inconsistent with its expected mechanical capabilities. SCP-3793-1-to-5 seem largely unaffected by the presence of physical matter in their trajected path and are presumably incorporeal, as physical matter remains unaltered upon contact with SCP-3793-1-to-5. However, objects "produced" by SCP-3793-2-to-5 have the same physical properties of any normal iterations of those, and should be handled as such.

Throughout CPLAY events, SCP-3793-2-to-5 have been shown capable of producing a wide variety of extemporaneous projectiles, and have barraged Foundation personnel with objects such as:

  • Large arrays of glass bottles.
  • Various types of debris, such as splintered wood, concrete batches and severed pipes.
  • Car parts, presumably from SCP-3793-1 itself.
  • Comestibles, such as nougats and beef jerky.
  • Assorted electronics, such as PMP cassette players, digital watches and still cameras. Notably, SCP-3793-2-to-5 have not produced any electronics that were not commercialized before 1983.
  • Faeces corresponding to multiple species, such as Mephitis mephitis and Phoca vitulina.1
  • Chemical compounds stored in assorted containers, mostly being petrochemicals.2
  • Memorabilia such as snow globes and matryoshka dolls.

In rare circumstances, SCP-3793-2-to-5 have also been observed manipulating on-site items and employing them alongside generated objects.

For the duration of a CPLAY event, SCP-3793-1-to-5 will seek to inflict escalating damage to their current environment. Due to the fact that SCP-3793-1-to-5 are seemingly incorporeal and capable of materializing a wide range of objects, it is not uncommon for SCP-3793-1-to-5 to sever and damage infrastructure and sensitive systems from within, usually by targeting (or accidentally physically displacing) cables and piping installed inside walls or at an underground level.

SCP-3793-2-to-5 seemingly haven't proactively pursued life-threatening injuries to bystanders, but are thought to be sapient and respond to any perceived provocations, usually by focusing barrages on temporary targets before continuing with generalized damage. While efforts to halt or stall SCP-3793-1-to-5 have proven ineffective, drawing attention to individuals acting as lures has helped in efforts to mitigate environmental damage.

Discovery: SCP-3793 was recovered by the Foundation in 1985 at the outskirts of the Fort Saint Vrain Generation Station in Platteville, Colorado. Following reports by the station's staff of unusual activity from men claiming to be security inspectors, the local police force was contacted and begun a brief investigation. Shortly after, law enforcement located and confronted a small group of people setting up an observation camp at the outskirts of the facility. Several suspects were arrested, and amongst the items recovered, SCP-3793 was found3 alongside a number of maps, floorplans and blueprints of several facilities and buildings throughout North America. Investigations on the motivations and background of this group remain inconclusive.

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