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Item#: 3785
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Access road to SCP-3785. Image recovered from cell phone footage. See Addendum 3785.4 (3785.AV.01) for details.

Special Containment Procedures: The access point to SCP-3785 is to be barricaded and monitored by automatic surveillance equipment. Individuals attempting to access SCP-3785 are to be apprehended and turned over to local authorities. Foundation personnel are not to pass the established 1.6km marker unless required for testing.

Description: SCP-3785 is a location accessible only by a dirt road leading off of Georgia HW 166. Attempts to access SCP-3785 by any means other than this road will invariably result in being unable to find SCP-3785 at all. Individuals who stray off of the dirt road and attempt to return to it will be unable to locate it again. The road cannot be accessed by air. The road is approximately 2km in length, and exits into SCP-3785.

SCP-3785 is a roughly 90m wide, indeterminately long section of clearcut hills, bordered on either side by a thick forest, through which large high-voltage power line stanchions run. It is perpetually night within SCP-3785, and stays a consistent 22.5° C. Crisscrossing SCP-3785 are numerous dirt tracks, such that an off-road vehicle might use them for recreational purposes.

Several crude wooden signs bearing the words “Jasper’s Hill” with an arrow pointing north dot the dirt paths across SCP-3785. Attempting to travel north within SCP-3785 is extremely hazardous due to the terrain, which becomes increasingly difficult to navigate as the hills and valleys dramatically increase in size and complexity, to the point of impossibility. Because of this, exploratory teams have been unable to reach the north end of SCP-3785.

SCP-3785-1 is the group designation for a white, late 1980’s Chevrolet Blazer on a lifted suspension, and its driver. The true nature of SCP-3785-1 has not yet been determined, though information gathered within SCP-3785 has identified the driver of the vehicle as “Jasper” of “Jasper’s Hill”. SCP-3785-1 is capable of easily navigating the impossible terrain of SCP-3785, and seemingly does so to stalk and pursue individuals who become lost within SCP-3785.

Addendum 3785.1: Discovery

The existence of SCP-3785 was part of a well known folk tale in the region, which typically told of three children who become lost in the woods and enter a dark clearing called “Jasper’s Place”. The children then become lost, and are pursued by an unseen individual who eventually finds them and “hangs them upside down” at the end of the story.

However, it was not until a group of twelve young adults disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the area that Foundation personnel became involved. After three weeks, one of the individuals was found nearly 2km from the entrance to SCP-3785, in a state of severe shock. The survivor, a 20-year-old black male from Villa Rica, GA, managed to communicate to first responders that he was still being pursued by “Jasper”, and that the other missing individuals had all been “hung upside down”. At the sight of headlights from nearby vehicles passing by, the individual began to panic and scream about “Jasper” having found him and being unable to hide, and had to be sedated.

After law enforcement officials were unable to access SCP-3785 by any means other than the dirt access road described by the survivor, and once the anomalous characteristics of SCP-3785 were discovered, Foundation personnel from Atlanta worked to contain the scene and administer amnestics, as necessary, while working to prepare a team to attempt to find the remaining missing persons.

Addendum 3785.2: Exploration Log I

Addendum 3785.3: Exploration Log II

Addendum 3785.4: Recovered Cell Phone Data

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