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Item #: SCP-3784

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3784 is to be kept in a high-security storage vault at Site 76. Testing with SCP-3784 may only be conducted within a hermetically sealed chamber with an automatic fire suppression system. Exposure to SCP-3784 is to be limited to D-class personnel, with preference given to D-class with the lowest available SEC1 rating. All testing proposals must first be submitted to the Ethics Committee for approval.

Description: SCP-3784 is a small, ornate oil lamp, perpetually filled with shark liver oil2. When SCP-3784 is within an unbroken line of sight of at least one human3 in REM sleep, SCP-3784 will kindle itself if not already lit, and initiate an INCUBUS event.

Test subjects experiencing an INCUBUS event will appear to be undergoing sleep paralysis to outside observers. The flame of SCP-3784 will begin to anomalously flicker in such a manner that the shadows it casts depict scenes from the subject's sleep paralysis episode. This makes SCP-3784 a severe fire hazard during INCUBUS events, and it has been known to light flammable objects up to 120 centimeters away.

Based upon both the shadows cast by SCP-3784 and post-INCUBUS event interviews, a convocation of both humanoid and non-humanoid entities will typically surround the subject and begin to enact some kind of farcical debate with each other. The first known example of such revolved around what was the best method for preparing a human being for consumption, resulting in 13 different segments of the subject's body being removed and prepared in a different manner, then force fed to them. Other examples include rearranging internal organs to gauge how they function, testing the holding capacity of the digestive system, and replacing the skin with a silk body stocking.

Test subjects who have undergone INCUBUS events have all reported that their experiences during sleep paralysis were indistinguishable from reality, and consequently all have suffered from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and insomnia.

Recovery: SCP-3784 was discovered during a raid on a Marshall, Carter, & Dark warehouse in Glasgow, Scotland, along with other objects believed to be the personal property of Dark. It was found with the following note attached to it:

From One Brother To Another

A Little Piece Of My Kingdom To Darken Yours

Mind That It Doesn't Singe The Drapes

Possible connections to SCP-4116 are being investigated.

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