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Item #: SCP-3783

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Site-78 has been established to contain SCP-3783. The facility is to operate under the guise of a wildlife research facility.

SCP-3783 is kept in an observation dome with an airlock chamber installed and is to be constantly monitored. No open flame is to be brought within the dome. Automated drones are to be used to directly approach SCP-3783. SCP-3783 is implanted with a GPS tracker that is monitored by automated systems.

Testing is only to be performed by the approval of Level 4 personnel. During testing, no fewer than 6 armed guards are to be present, three of which must be on catwalks above the containment chamber. SCP-3783-1 specimens developed from testing are to be analyzed, then transferred to cryogenic storage at Site-87's Biology Wing. 

UPDATE: All testing has been suspended. SCP-3783-1 instances found are to be incinerated. A 7 meter wall has been erected around Provisional Site-78. Security teams are to be on guard outside with net launchers which are to be used to tangle SCP-3783's legs. Torches are to be activated on the walls during a breach. See Incident 3783 for further details.

Description: SCP-3783 is a single-roomed log cabin that is located in the wilderness of Siberia. Inside it is decorated with furs,1 has one rocking chair, a fireplace, a wardrobe, a chest,2 and a cauldron. It has two windows on the sides and a single wooden door allowing for entry.

Beneath SCP-3783 are four fleshy limbs located at the corners that terminate in three spindly clawed fingers, which resemble the toes of a domestic chicken (Gallus gallus). These limbs allow for locomotion. It estimated that each limb is 6 meters long and bend at three places. These limbs are mostly rooted beneath the surrounding soil, stationing SCP-3783 at its location (see Discovery for further information). The limbs remain dormant until hostile action is presented toward SCP-3783 directly. A limb would burst from the ground and grab a subject, which it would pull towards the inside of SCP-3783 or crush them. This response is instantly triggered when one is wielding a torch or any form of open flame.

Since the construction of Provisional Site-78, SCP-3783 will at times unroot itself and wander its containment briefly. After investigating its surroundings, it would return to its original position.

Any biological organisms, except for microbial, entering SCP-3783 will undergo various mutations. The resulting specimens are designated as SCP-3783-1. Instances posses a short lifespan of a week and sometimes are inflicted with lethal mutations resulting in instant death. Instances are mainly docile and would protect SCP-3783 in the event of any hostilities. Deceased organisms do not undergo any mutations within SCP-3783. See Addendum 02 for -1 instances produced from testing.

Recently, it has been discovered that deceased -1 instances are able to reanimate via unknown means as long as the body is sufficiently intact. Incineration has shown to be effective in preventing a reanimated instance. See Incident 3783.

Discovery: SCP-3783 was discovered after reports from several towns in Southern Russia of a "lost witch's house" wandering the wilderness. One town had sent a small armed group to hunt for it, but only one member of the party returned, a Mr. Grigori Ivanov (see Addendum 01). Nearby recovery teams responded and eventually traced SCP-3783 to its current location, rooting itself. It was found with the following sign which was tied to a nail on the door that is written in Old Russian.

Out to feast.
Stay out.

Addendum 01: The following interview was originally spoken in Russian and has been translated.

Interviewed: Mr. Gregori Ivanov

Interviewer: Agent Sergio

<Begin Log>

Agent Sergio: Alright, please tell me what happened when you went into the forest.

Mr. Ivanov: [Sigh] Well, it was getting dark and were heading East to where it was last seen. We found its tracks and followed them. Eventually, we caught our first glimpse of its silhouette from moonlight.

Agent Sergio: What was it doing?

Mr. Ivanov: It was just moving slowly through the trees before disappearing into the night. We quickly tried to pursue it but we lost it. That's when we decided to camp until sunrise.

I tried to sleep but I was too worried, even with my trusty hunting rifle on my side. I never thought I would ever get to see a witch's house so it left me spooked.

Anyway, we then started hearing the most unusual sounds from the surrounding woods.

Agent Sergio: Can you describe it?

Mr. Ivanov: I am not sure how to describe it. It sounded like nothing I ever heard before.

Agent Sergio: Very well. Continue please.

Mr. Ivanov: One of the men of the group, Roman, went to investigate the sounds despite our objections. That young fool…

Agent Sergio: What happened?

Mr. Ivanov: He screamed and when we caught up we found nothing, except for his broken glasses and shreds of his jacket covered in blood.

We stuck together after that and returned to the camp to pack up and move forward. We heard the sound of snapping twigs and crushed leaves followed behind us. Unknowingly as we quickly tried to flee, two young men were missing. We were baffled and decided to hunt whatever was lurking in the surrounding darkness. We wondered to ourselves if it was the work of the witch's hut, but who knew.

I followed behind the group as we went and we were tense. I just wanted to go home. Eventually, we stumbled upon a mangled corpse that was being eaten by…something nearby a lake. Our lanterns barely showed us what it looked like, and I was blocked by the group. I'm somewhat glad I haven't seen it for the sound of its chewing was disgusting.

It quickly moved out of sight as ahead we saw the hut step forth from a row of trees as the moon was behind it, casting a silhouette of it. 

Agent Sergio: Then I assume your party attacked it?

Mr. Ivanov: Yes, Vladimir and Dmitri ran to it with their torches to burn it. It noticed them and moved back as silhouettes of creatures came to be. The things attacked Vladimir and Dmitri, and I had a small glimpse of them from their torches. It was not enough to tell any distinct features, but they were nearly as large as dogs.

Aleksey fired his Nagant3 at the creatures to help Vladimir and Dmitri. We managed to save Dmitri but Vladimir was dragged away.

I could still hear him scream as the hut quickly grabbed him and slammed his body on a large rock. It then pressed on his body and there were awful cracking sounds. I could barely see it happening but it was enough to traumatize me. Such awful sounds…

Then, that is when I ran. Aleksey and two other men tried to fight the beasts but I heard only their screams and gun shots. I ran and ran without rest back towards home. I was accompanied by another young man who I never had the pleasure of knowing his name.

Luckily, the sun was soon to rise and I was eager to be home, away from the danger. I wish I can say the same for the young man who was with me. He just disappeared and I had not noticed. I became concerned that I was being stalked and grew paranoid. I'm glad I managed to find my way out of the forest before I went insane. [Pauses]

[Sigh] We were no match for the witch's lost hut. I really wish we knew better.

Agent Sergio: Well, thank you, Mr. Ivanov. Everything will be fine.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Mr. Ivanov received amnestics and the SCP-3783-1 instances mentioned has not been found.

Addendum 02: For a full version of all experiments, please request it from Lead Researcher Westfield.

Incident 3783: On 07/12/██, SCP-3783-1 instances in cryogenic storage at Site-87 were missing. The latches of the Cryogenic Preservation Tanks showed no signs of tampering. Two hours later at Provisional Site-78, several -1 instances were visible on the monitors surrounding SCP-3783 reanimated. Instances attempted to open the airlock and were neutralized by security teams on nearby catwalks. Meanwhile, Site-██ was reportedly attacked by reanimated -1 instances and two of which had interacted with SCP-352. The following transcript is from surveillance footage.

<Begin Log>

SCP-352 is sitting at the corner of its containment chamber. After 40 seconds, a vent that lead into the chamber suddenly bursts open which two -1 instances crawl out of. Simultaneously, -1 instances were attacking from Gate A at this time.

One instance resembled a gastropod5 with two arm-like appendages. It quickly moves to the door and a bulbous sac on its back began to expand and bursts, covering the door with a thick mucus. The second instance was feline and resembled a bearded dragon (Pogona) which moves towards SCP-352.

The instance had in its mouth what appears to be a human fetus which it places on the floor in front of SCP-352. SCP-352 reaches for the fetus and begins to devour it. SCP-352 then pats the instance's head.

The instance and SCP-352 appear to briefly converse before SCP-352 stands and moves towards the instance. SCP-352 kneels down and appears to whisper to the instance. Instance then nods its head and returns into the vent as SCP-352 stands idly while facing the camera for the remainder of the footage.

<End Log>

The SCP-3783-1 instance in the footage was later found at Provisional Site-78 within SCP-3783's chamber. It was found deceased in front of SCP-3783 which buried the instance with a clump of dirt. Following the incident, SCP-3783 has became more active and attempts to escape. In response, security has been upgraded at Provisional Site-78 and Site-██.

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