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Item #: SCP-3781

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: On October 11, 1999, all of SCP-3781's publicly available servers were shut down and removed from the Internet. All search results, screenshots, and links for SCP-3781 were completely removed from the Internet. Using IP addresses gathered from the game's database, all players of SCP-3781 were tracked down, detained, and released after being administered Class C amnestics.

Addendum 3781.071901: Following the incident of July 19, 2001, a mass misinformation campaign was instated with the cooperation of every major space agency in the world to convince the rest of the world that the International Space Station is intact and operational. Further testing on SCP-3781 has been ceased indefinitely.

Description: SCP-3781 is a Japanese massively multiplayer online game titled OK Painter! (OK ペインター!), developed and published in 1999 by Tokyo-based independent video game studio PaintSoft. The game was online for 6 months prior to the Foundation's discovery and its subsequent shutdown on
October 11, 1999. Data gathered from the game's database revealed that SCP-3781 had a total of 153 players, all of which were located within Tokyo Prefecture.1

Players assume control of "Painters", white humanoid creatures drawn in the Japanese "super-deformed" cartoon style and equipped with paint brushes and buckets of paint. Painters serve as the player's avatar and are widely customizable in appearance.

The primary objective of SCP-3781 is to gain rewards and increase in experience level through scaling various buildings in Tokyo using paint. Upon reaching the maximum level of 99, reaching a balcony or rooftop produces a dialog box reading "Leave a cool message?" and the options YES and NO.

Choosing YES prompts the player to type a phrase or quote associated with a piece of popular culture into the provided space. (See Addendum 3781.1 for additional details.) Upon entering the phrase, a cutscene occurs wherein the Painter paints the phrase onto the wall (or floor if on the rooftop) in the format "OK Painter, [input]" Immediately following this, an event involving the Painter is depicted that alludes to the work associated with the inputted phrase.

Approximately 33 minutes and 19 seconds later, the effect produced upon the Painter is followed by an analogous event at a random real-world location. Further testing has suggested that locations of said events are related to the country from which the work referenced by the inputted phrase originates.

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