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Item #: SCP-3774

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-3774 have been located and terminated. Any backup blueprints or files detailing the creation of additional instances of SCP-3774 have been deleted or destroyed, only saving the original copies for file storage.

Description: SCP-3774 was a prototype for a genetically and cybernetically modified subspecies of mosquito initially created by the Foundation to covertly survey Persons of Interest. Instances of SCP-3774 were bred to pass bio-engineered augmentations onto their offspring, as well as produce a successive generation of 90% female individuals.1 The augmentations themself granted instances of SCP-3774 the following properties:

  • Photo recognition
  • Live video and audio broadcasting
  • Access of a self-contained genetic database
  • Emission of a signal that would show its Global Positioning Location

Instances of SCP-3774, when shown an image of a human subject, were intended to seek out the subject covertly. It would then use its proboscis on a human subject it believed to be a match to the subject shown and consume a small portion of its blood to analyze for a genetic match. Once a genetic match was found, the instance of SCP-3774 was intended to remain within proximity of the subject, broadcasting live video and audio feed of the subject until the Foundation retrieved the subject.

While most tests with instances of SCP-3774 proved positive, the introduction of adaptive vocalization2 to them caused an unknown error to occur. When an instance of SCP-3774 consumes the blood of a subject, regardless of whether or not it is a genetic match to the subject it is intending to find, it attempts to communicate with it, often expressing infatuation. In most cases, instances of SCP-3774 have tried to court subjects, with primarily negative results.

Once this error became known to the Foundation, all instances were located and recalled, where they were studied in an attempt to repair the malfunction. After further trials, the error itself was discovered to be unfixable, and all instances were promptly terminated. Any video logs recorded by the instances have been stored for research purposes.

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