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Item #: SCP-3772

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3772 is considered dormant, and can be easily disregarded as non-anomalous, containment focuses on suppression of discussion surrounding its method of distribution. Contacts in all major media-sharing platforms are working alongside the Foundation to assist with pre-emptive removal of media meeting SCP-3772's parameters, under the guide of content-protection rules.

Description: SCP-3772 is a phenomenon whereby internet content meeting certain criteria will convert to a video or infographic relating to the death of Faith Bassen in 2020. This conversion only affects end-user machines, and does not alter the media for others who have not triggered the phenomenon. The primary parameter ascertained is that the content is not owned or created by the poster, and a caption of or within the content alludes to a desire to discover the content's creator, whether or not said desire can be judged to be genuine1. Chances of SCP-3772 occurring are greater when a user is on US geopolitical territory, and particularly as a user approaches the census-designated place of Comfort, Texas.

Most commonly, SCP-3772 manifests as a static image of Faith Bassen with captioning providing details of her disappearance and the discovery of her body, with a strong focus on the lack of an official investigation by the local police force. When manifesting in video form, this information will commonly give way to phone camera recordings of Faith, with the names and faces of others appearing in the footage digitally censored. This footage is interspersed with graphic and provocative descriptions of her injuries, threats towards the perpetrators and the repeated line "FAITH BASSEN WAS MURDERED", which doubled as a hashtag for the movement to press the local police force to investigate the death.

The first known instance of SCP-3772 came to the Foundation's attention on 8/12/2020, two months after the death of Ms Bassen. After confirmation of anomalous nature, initial containment focused on suppression of discussion and investigation of SCP-3772's trigger parameters. The Unusual Incidents Unit took over management of the investigation following Foundation prompting, and suspects were successfully brought to trial between May and July 2021. Following this, the incident rate of SCP-3772 manifestations dropped almost completely.

Addendum 1

Analysis of existing archived chatlogs for GoI-5869 ("Gamers Against Weed") show a number of conversations related to this issue, primarily involving the users warysue and tiedyeduck in a sidechat labelled wip. As chatlogs are only available from the laptop of a member of the GoI who had little interaction with warysue, the majority of these conversations are contextless or incomplete.

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