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An instance of SCP-3770 in containment

Item #: SCP-3770

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-3770 instances are to be kept in separate groups of 2-20. Each group is to be kept in a secure vivarium at least 20cm long, 10cm wide, and with substrate 10cm deep. The substrate is to compose of coconut fibre, decaying deciduous leaf litter, a calcium source such as powdered cuttlefish bone, and small amounts of sand. A small layer of dry leaf litter is to be provided above the substrate. Under no circumstances is pine to be used in SCP-3770 containment chambers.

The vivarium is to be kept at a temperature of 22-24 degrees celsius and have a humidity of 60-80%. No sudden changes in climate are to take place. Each vivarium is to be kept in a room with a light source activated by solar power, as to replicate natural lighting. If an SCP-3770 instance shows any sign of molting, caution is to be held due to the vulnerability of instances during the process, and the substrate is not to be replaced unless in emergency. No pesticides are to be present in SCP-3770 containment chambers. All materials introduced to SCP-3770 instances are to be organic. Fresh fruit and vegetables are to be given to each group on a weekly basis, being left for two days prior to removal.

Description: SCP-3770 is the designation given to an anomalous subspecies of Centrobolus Splendidus1. SCP-3770 instances are capable of communication through auditory means at high frequency with all species of arthropod capable of processing signals sent. Audio does not affect any known vertebrate or invertebrate which is not a terrestrial arthropod. All invertebrates which receive communications from SCP-3770 instances display abnormal behaviour, showing higher intelligence and extreme co-operative ability (see testing logs for more details).

SCP-3770 will occasionally display a behaviour known as a "3770 1A event", in which instances will begin to chew wood pulp2 into a paper-like material. Instances then consume any brightly coloured, white, and black substance possible. The materials will be secreted through the anus as dye to the paper. The paper will then be fashioned into a square shape by use of instances' mandibles. Images formed through use of the dyes generally resemble images of invertebrates, deciduous forests, in a style associated with Byzantine religious artwork. Images contain text of unknown origin.

Similar to the defence mechanism of most Diplopoda, SCP-3770 will secrete an irritating liquid. SCP-3770, however, constantly secrete said liquid. Although this has the chemical makeup of ordinary Centrobolus Splendidus secretion, if it comes into physical contact with any form of sapient life, severe visual hallucinations occur.

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