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Item #: SCP-3769

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3769 is to be contained in a standard non-humanoid holding cell at Site-12. Level 4 security clearance is required in order to handle SCP-3769. SCP-3769 is not to be touched without the use of gloves or other protective hand gear. Any organisms affected by a Rescission Event are to be kept in a bio-research containment cell for DNA testing.

Description: SCP-3769 is an electronic device of approximately the same size and shape as a standard scientific calculator. Buttons labeled with the numbers 0 through 9 and a button labeled with a decimal point are present on the device, along with a rectangular electroluminescent display screen. No other external features are present. SCP-3769 does not require a power source in order to function.

SCP-3769 will adhere itself to any organic life form upon contact. Humans exposed to SCP-3769 have reported a mild stinging sensation during this process. Once attached, SCP-3769 cannot be removed without heavily damaging the affected organism until a number has been entered and the resulting Rescission Event has completed.

The primary effect of SCP-3769, classified as a Rescission Event, can last anywhere between a few minutes and several days, depending on the number entered. During this time, the affected organism will evolutionarily regress, undergoing extreme genetic and physiological changes until it resembles a species from some point in its evolutionary or ancestral lineage. The exact resultant species depends on the number entered. According to human subjects, this process is extremely painful. This process will only activate when in contact with a living organism. If an organism dies while a Rescission Event is in progress, SCP-3769 will detach itself, leaving the transformation incomplete.

Addendum 3769.1: Discovery and Apprehension

SCP-3769 was in development at the ██████ Corporation when its existence was discovered by an undercover Foundation agent. The agent was discovered by corporation employees shortly thereafter, and all physical and digital schematics for the device were purposefully destroyed before Foundation personnel could obtain them. Dr. ████, head of the research division tasked with creating SCP-3769, committed suicide before he could be secured and interrogated, along with █ of his colleagues. Interrogation of other employees within this division was ultimately uninformative, and all remaining personnel within this division were administered Class-C amnestics and released. During temporary Foundation occupation of ██████ headquarters, SCP-3769 was found in a storage vault. It is believed to only be a prototype model, although details of the planned final product are unknown.

Addendum 3769.2: Experiment Logs

Attention, Level 4 clearance is required in order to access further documentation on SCP-3769

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