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SCP-3763 during initial recovery

Item #: SCP-3763

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3763 is to be stored in the Anomalous Vehicle Containment Center at Site-48. All maintenance of SCP-3763 must be completed with the knowledge and consent of SCP-3763-1.

SCP-3763-1 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-48. As SCP-3763-1 believes it is in the custody of Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP, all personnel working with SCP-3763-1 are to maintain this deception by any means necessary. SCP-3763-1 is allowed access to approved entertainment material in exchange for its cooperation during testing of SCP-3763.

Description: SCP-3763 is a 1964 Chevrolet Biscayne sedan. The vehicle is installed with a "Thalbrum Vehicle Security System", believed to be the source of its anomalous effects. Otherwise, SCP-3763 will operate in a non-anomalous manner.

SCP-3763-1 is a young European-American adult male by the name of Daniel Thalbrum. SCP-3763-1 is legally recognized as the owner of SCP-3763, and therefore possesses complete control of its properties. SCP-3763-1 has stated that the "vehicle security system" SCP-3763 is installed with is the invention of Howard Thalbrum, SCP-3763-1's deceased father.

SCP-3763 presents a memetic effect on any individuals attempting to interact with the vehicle without the permission of SCP-3763-1. Said individuals will experience an anomalous unwillingness to make contact with SCP-3763 when within a radius of three meters. When asked why, affected individuals will cite the "security system" as the reason for their refusal. SCP-3763-1 is immune to these effects, and is able to cancel the memetic effect on others by giving verbal or written consent for affected individuals to interact with SCP-3763.

In the event that a substance is ejected towards SCP-3763, an invisible barrier will materialize, covering the outermost surfaces of SCP-3763, and suspended around it by approximately 3 centimeters. This barrier will deflect all materials and objects thrown at SCP-3763. Said materials will be able to make contact with SCP-3763 with the consent of SCP-3763-1.

Discovery: The existence of SCP-3763 was uncovered on 7/22/2010 by intercepting communications between employees of Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP regarding a "Thalbrum Vehicle Security System." A prototype would be transferred to MC&D representatives at St. Everetts Memorial Hospital in Laurel Creek, California on 7/24/2010. SCP-3763-1 would accompany the vehicle on behalf of the late inventor.

The Foundation was able to intercept this delivery by posing as MC&D representatives, and deceiving SCP-3763-1 into turning over SCP-3763 to the Foundation. Due to SCP-3763-1 giving permission to interact with SCP-3763 as needed, delivery to Site-48 was successful.

Interview Log: The following interview was completed shortly after the arrival of SCP-3763-1 into Foundation custody.

Test Logs: The following is an incomplete list of experiments regarding SCP-3763.

Addendum: Following the initial containment of SCP-3763, a raid was conducted on the former Thalbrum family apartment in an effort to retrieve information regarding SCP-3763. While no such information was found, two letters were discovered, having been sent between SCP-3763-1 and Howard Thalbrum, who was staying at the St. Everetts Memorial Hospital when the letters were written. Both letters have been transcribed below.

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