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Painting of SCP-3758-A by Roelant Savery

Item #: SCP-3758

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A supply of soft tissue samples of SCP-3758-A is to be kept at Site-59 in an organic preservation containment locker, and restocked as needed. Gestation from SCP-3758-A cells may only occur at designated hatcheries.

The population of SCP-3758-A is to be maintained and monitored at all times in no less than three separate designated hatcheries. Currently, there are 30 instances of SCP-3758-A at Site-19, 17 instances at Site-70, and 4 instances at Site-10. Designated hatcheries are to be lined with 3m of lead and equipped with a permanent locking mechanism to contain an Aonair event.

Under no circumstances are personnel to attempt communication with any instance of SCP-3758-A unless authorized.

Should an Aonair event occur, the affected hatchery is to be hermetically sealed regardless of any Foundation personnel located within the area. If the hatchery is breached, Mobile task force Nu-7 "Hammer Down" is to be deployed to establish temporary containment measures of SCP-3758-B until two new instances of SCP-3758-A can be born. During an Aonair event, usage of esoteric methods to rush clone gestation, including the usage of SCP-████, has been approved by the O5 council.

If an Aonair event occurs without any means to clone SCP-3758-A, Contingency Jamgeuda-9 is to be enacted immediately.

Cover measures of the well-established extinction of SCP-3758-A are to be enacted, and all non-Foundation scientific endeavors to clone SCP-3758-A are to be sabotaged or otherwise hindered.

Description: SCP-3758-A is a species of bird known to civilian populations as the dodo (Raphus cucullatus). Once endemic to the island of Mauritius, its population rapidly declined due to the interference of European traders and invasive species. SCP-3758-A has since been declared extinct in 1681, though three specimens were discovered during Incident-76728-Charlie. (see Recovery Log)

The anomalous properties of SCP-3758-A surface upon the reduction of its living global population to one specimen. Upon the death of the second-to-last SCP-3758-A, the final instance will undergo a series of rapid, violent alterations to its physical structure (hereafter referred to as an Aonair event) to become SCP-3758-B.

SCP-3758-B is a bipedal lifeform that bears a superficial resemblance to Gigantoraptor erlianensis, a beaked dinosaur from the late Cretaceous period. It is approximately five meters in height and 1,600 kilograms in weight.

Due to the fact that SCP-3758-B emits 12,000 roentgens per hour of ionizing radiation from its skin, exact measurements have proven impractical.

After an Aonair event, SCP-3758-B will seek out and approach other living creatures. Despite the lethality of its presence, it does not display greater hostility than any other large flightless bird.

Recovery Log: On 2/15/1998, Foundation agents responded to possible anomalous activities by Sarkic cultists on the island of Mauritius. Investigations revealed a small independent organization known as Hualiet's Wake, who used anomalous means for the preservation of three living SCP-3758-A specimens, the approximate age of which remains unknown.

Foundation agents attempted to forcibly acquire the specimens, which led to the accidental death of two specimens, and the first recorded Aonair event ( Incident-76728-Charlie ) resulting in approximately ███ military and civilian casualties before primary containment could be established.

Date: 5/12/2004
Interviewer: Dr. Isaiah Henderson
Interviewed: PoI-3758-27

<Begin Log>

Dr. Henderson: Please state your name for the record.

PoI-3758-27: Jack Sadhi, former leader of Hualiet's Wake.

Dr. Henderson: Who exactly is this "Hualiet?" What is its connection, if any, to Sarkicism?

PoI-3758-27: Some horrible demon from the Bronze Age. Name probably meant something, but the language is extinct now, and the ancient Mauritian people never wrote anything down on stone - always leaves or dirt. As for Sarkicism, we abandoned Grand Karcist Ion a long time ago - we just borrowed his magic to keep the dodos alive, to keep Hualiet from coming back.

Dr. Henderson: And why did you abandon—

PoI-3758-27: 'cos he's a prick.

[ A large, dark, malignant growth of flesh instantaneously generates on the scalp of PoI-3758-27. ]

PoI-3758-27: …and very easily offended.

<End Log>

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