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Item #: SCP-3756

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation is to monitor information distributed by global space agencies1 regarding Ganymede. Provisional Site-9354 has been established in Yellow Hill, Texas to assist in containment of SCP-3756. The location is to remain closed to the public and access restricted to level-3 personnel.

Description: SCP-3756 is the spatial location of the Rounder House Square Dance Hall building, which exists simultaneously within the American state of Texas, and on the surface of the Jovian moon Ganymede.


An illustration of CGRD-1

This anomalous property is not evident to visitors of the establishment2, and no effects of the Ganymedian surface or atmosphere are apparent anywhere on the premises. Entering SCP-3756 via any means will simultaneously render subjects as extant both on Earth and Ganymede. The actions of an individual performed on Earth are mimicked by their duplicate on Ganymede while in SCP-3756.

Discovery: On October 14, 2010, a weak, continuous radio broadcast was detected from Ganymede. While over 85% of the transmission's integrity was compromised, the signal was sufficiently organized to determine that it was not random. Foundation Probe J4D33 was launched on July 26th, 2011 to further investigate.

UPDATE: As of May 1, 2017, FPJ4D3 has entered Ganymedian orbit. Records of extracted information are available in FPJ4D3 Logs 1-3.


FPJ4D3 Log 1:

Date: May 7, 2017

Subject: Unidentified Ganymedian radio transmission.

Project Head: Dr. Richardet


0114 GMT: FPJ4D3 first comes into transmission position within its orbit above transmission source of Ganymedian broadcast.4

0115 GMT: FPJ4D3 begins broadcast of Arecibo Message towards Ganymedian transmission source.5

0118 GMT: FPJ4D3 concludes broadcast of Arecibo Message and begins enhanced transmission of Ganymedian broadcast to Earth.

0151 GMT: Broadcast decoded and identified as a 1949 recording of "Foggy Mountain Breakdown".6

0152 GMT: Dr. Richardet approved the transmission of the following broadcast.
"Hello, this message arrives from a planetary neighbor. We come in peace, seeking information as to your current situation. Do you understand English?"

0255 GMT: Enhanced transmission of Ganymedian broadcast reaches Earth. The message is transcribed:
"You god damn punks and your newfangled gadgets. Scram! We're in the middle of a dance-off here and y'all just interrupted a good time!"

No further transmissions authorized; FPJ4D3 utilized to gather photographic data on the transmission source until it moves beyond observational range at 0414 GMT.


FPJ4D3 Log 2:

Date: May 20, 2017

Subject: Unidentified Ganymedian structure.

Project Head: Dr. Richardet


0014 GMT: FPJ4D3 re-enters orbital position to receive transmissions from SCP-3756. No further contact is attempted for the following 37 minutes until the current nature of the broadcast could be discerned.7

0051 GMT: The following message was transmitted from Earth to SCP-3756.
"Hello, you said you were having a dance-off last time we spoke. Can you tell us about that?"

0152 GMT: Enhanced transmission from SCP-3756 reaches Earth. The message is transcribed:
"Boy, you ain't ever heard of square dancing? That's what we's all 'bout here. Now could you please stop interruptin' our music? It's upsetting our patrons."

0233 GMT: The following message was transmitted from Earth to SCP-3756.
"Where are you located?"

0301 GMT: Enhanced transmission from SCP-3756 reaches Earth. The message is transcribed:
"You again? Is this some kind of prank? We're between the bowling alley and the drugstore. Now scram, it's ladies' night."

[This is followed by the sound of what is assumed to be a phone being slammed onto its receiver. No further transmissions detected from SCP-3756.]

0314: FPJ4D3 exits transmission range of SCP-3756.


FPJ4D3 Log 3:

Date: June 2, 2017

Subject: SCP-3756.8

Project Head: Dr. Richardet


0247 GMT: FPJ4D3 re-enters orbital position above SCP-3756 and deploys Compact Ganymedian Rover Drone CGRD-1 to the satellite's surface. Transmitted camera feed follows.

CGRD-1 extends a pneumatic arm and engages the door to SCP-3756. Footage reveals 27 humans wearing clothing in line with contemporary fashion trends, with the addition of bolo ties, wide-brimmed hats, and oversized belt buckles. All inhabitants direct their attention to CGRD-1.

SCP-3756-19 approaches and investigates CGRD-1.

SCP-3756-1: "What on God's green— Darla, did you order some kinda… drone… thingy?"

SCP-3756-2:10 "I ain't ordered nothin' but corn chips and beer this week. That thing looks like one of them rover drones. Maybe it's Nick's?"

SCP-3756-1: "Nick, what are you doing driving your dang toy in here?

Unidentified Speaker: "…Can it dance?"

[Due to an unexpected decrease in signal latency, several commands were fulfilled by CGRD-1 in rapid succession. Camera feed displays pneumatic arms swinging as the drone moves around the premises.]

SCP-3756-1: "Well shoot, lookit that thing go!"

0350 GMT: FPJ4D3 exits transmission range of SCP-3756.

Addendum 2: On June 3, 2017, a local newspaper in Yellow Hill, TX ran an article entitled "ROBOT DOES THE ROBOT IN LOCAL DANCE HALL." Foundation assets deployed.

Addendum 3: The Rounder House Square Dance Hall was subsequently purchased by a Foundation front company, and Provisional Site-9354 was established on-site. When CGRD-1 was removed from the premises, it dematerialized. Further imagery from FPJ4D3 confirms it to be in location outside of the Ganymedian structure. Research into using the SCP-3756 instance present on Ganymede as a hub for the construction of an extra-planetary Foundation outpost are currently ongoing.

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