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Item #: SCP-3753

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3753 instances are kept in an airtight box and stored in a climate-controlled item locker.

Description: SCP-3753 denotes 119 unbranded chamomile teabags in a handmade wooden box.

When a person with an infection or physical ailment prepares SCP-3753 and drinks the resulting tea, they will enter a deep sleep. When they wake, the subject will forcibly and painlessly expel the offending pathogens or organ from an appropriate orifice. The ejected matter, designated SCP-3753-A, will grow until it reaches the subject's approximate height and sprout two arms.

A boxing bell sound will then be audible, with no discernible source. SCP-3753-A will proceed to engage the subject in hand-to-hand combat until one of the two submits or is knocked out. It is unknown how the subject continues to maintain bodily function even when vital organs are expelled. Subjects gain an innate awareness of SCP-3753's effects, and usually choose to engage it. If the subject attempts to attack SCP-3753-A with a weapon, SCP-3753-A will simply demanifest and the subject's body will return to its original state.

  • If the subject is victorious, SCP-3753-A will shrink until it vanishes with a puff of steam. The subject will fall asleep again, and any removed organs will reappear inside their body. Upon waking, the subject will report significant, often total, recovery from the illness or ailment.
  • If the subject fails to defeat SCP-3753-A, SCP-3753-A will forcibly reenter the body, and the subject's condition will be unchanged.

The box spontaneously generates one new SCP-3753 instance every morning.

Abridged SCP-3753 Test Log:
# Subject Ailment SCP-3753-A Victor Notes
01 Emma Lister Acute bronchitis Enlarged virus Lister Baseline test. Lister knocked out SCP-3753-A, which dissipated. Lister reported full cessation of her symptoms within 8 hours.
03 Dr. Rivka Yarkoni Stress ulcer Stomach SCP-3753-A SCP-3753-A subdued Dr. Yarkoni with an armbar and reentered through the mouth. Dr. Yarkoni reported no change in ulcer conditions.
08 Director Rosie Spinal disc herniation Spine Rosie SCP-3753-A instance notably feigned defeat to launch a surprise attack, but was still defeated. Director Rosie's hernia remained but the pain subsided greatly.
11 Agent Ursula Nunez Hypertension and depression. Vascular system in humanoid shape, brain1 Nunez Nunez engaged both instances, shouting various profanities. The vascular system demanifested after Nunez defeated it, and Nunez proceeded to violently assault her brain with her fists and feet even after it submitted. Later followup reported significant alleviation of her hypertension, consistently higher serotonin levels, and decreased frequency of depressive episodes. Nunez requested repeated uses of SCP-3753.
16 Henrik Sturmatem Stage III lung cancer Cancerous cell SCP-3753-A Sturmatem fought and wrestled with the SCP-3753-A instance for 22 minutes and refused to surrender before collapsing from exhaustion. No change in condition.
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