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Item #: SCP-3752

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3752 and the 200 m radius of land surrounding it, denoted as Area-3752, have been quarantined. The personnel assigned to SCP-3752 reside and work from Site-1969, situated 205 m North of SCP-3752. No vital personnel (Researchers, Specialists etc.) are to progress further than 5 m into Area-3752.

Civilians inside Area-3752 are to be detained, questioned and released. Cover-up stories are to be provided, defining Area-3752 as harboring an unstable mine prone to collapsing. Fatalities are to be covered up similarly.

Furthermore, personnel assigned to the SCP-3752 project are to take note of these thresholds. However, Class-D personnel are not to be informed of them to at least partially ensure their cooperation during testing. The estimates have been created after Test 3752-T#10.

Distance / Range Classification / Effect
0-5 m Safe
5-10 m Dangerous (only Class-D personnel are allowed beyond this point)
11 m Latest possible time of onset of hypothermia
12-20 m Unconsciousness highly likely
21-23 m Expiration imminent, occurred in 75% of cases
24 m Should be considered the barrier of expiration, as 100% of subjects have died to this date
185 m Insufficiently shielded drones stop working
Near basement At this time, all drones stop working1

Description: SCP-3752 denotes a building situated in Sochi (Russia), which resembles a heavily damaged prison facility. Remains of 28 persons are visible inside Area-3752, 9 of which are Foundation personnel. SCP-3752 is considered the anomaly's core, with Area-3752 exhibiting unusual properties as well.

When a living organism enters Area-3752 the ambient temperature of 18 °C drops by 3 °C. Why the ambient temperature inside Area-3752 constantly stays at 18 °C and how it is maintained is currently unknown. Research into this matter is ongoing. Proceeding towards SCP-3752 causes the body temperature of the organism to decrease by increments of 0.185 °C. The effect is reversed when gaining distance from the center.

Addendum 3752-A#1: Following the results of Test 3752-T#4, it has been determined that Area-3752 can affect non-organic materials without causing damage by rapidly changing their temperature. Further tests are being conducted.

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