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Item #: SCP-3745

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The remains of SCP-3745 are to be held in a standard containment locker. Due to the cessation of its anomalous properties, testing of SCP-3745 is no longer a priority.

Description: SCP-3745 is an amalgamation consisting of components from two human skeletons. Based on the shape of the mandible and pelvic regions, SCP-3745’s skeletal components are believed to originate from an adolescent male and female. The left and right halves of SCP-3745 are fused along the longitudinal axis at the pelvis, and diverge along the lower spinal cord into two torsos connected by the ribs and two separate skulls. SCP-3745’s skeletal components are believed to have been fused through temperatures in excess of 1700°C, as evidenced by the amorphous hydroxylapatite molecular structure found at points of fusion. The phrases “два любовника в вечных объятиях“1 and “Украденный нисходящим пламенем“2 are engraved on SCP-3745’s left and right T2 vertebrae, respectively. SCP-3745 emits constant but negligible levels of gamma radiation.

Any human (henceforth designated the primary subject) who makes physical contact with SCP-3745 will undergo a Duprass Event3. During a Duprass Event, the primary subject, as well as any materials attached to their person, will be instantly transported to a location designated SCP-3745-1. Another individual (hereafter designated the secondary subject) will also be displaced to SCP-3745-1 from their current location at this time. The secondary subject is invariably someone who the primary subject has experienced a romantic attachment to. While a Duprass Event is in progress, no other subjects can be displaced to SCP-3745-1, and SCP-3745 can be touched without incident.

SCP-3745-1 contains a largely arid desert environment, the size and extent of which is currently unknown. The sky is perpetually hazy, and temperatures average between -12°C and 14°C. No plant life has been found within SCP-3745-1. Multiple streets, houses, and buildings are present within SCP-3745-1, all in various states of damage and dilapidation. No inhabitants of SCP-3745-1 have been found. SCP-3745-1 exhibits unsafe levels of radiation4. However, displaced subjects experience neither short-term nor long-term symptoms expected from radiation exposure of this caliber, instead typically expiring from dehydration within days of displacement due to the scarcity of liquid water within SCP-3745-1.

A Duprass Event ends when one or both of the displaced subjects ceases vital functions. Upon the conclusion of a Duprass Event, both subjects (or the remains thereof) will return to baseline reality, reappearing in the approximate location of their initial displacement.

Addendum 3745.1: Experiment Log 3745-04

Primary Subject: D-7721

Secondary Subject: Margaret Ross (No witnesses during displacement, disappearance attributed to a non-anomalous abduction)

Procedure: Primary Subject was equipped with a standard Foundation expedition pack containing enough water and dehydrated nutritional supplements to enable approximately 3 weeks of travel for 2 individuals. Primary Subject was instructed to explore the surrounding area of SCP-3745-1, and to record anything of note in a provided journal.

Initiation Date: 03/28/1962

Conclusion Date: 02/14/2018

Results: Duprass Event lasted far longer than expected. Both subjects returned heavily aged and deceased. Clothing and other materials attached to the subjects were severely burned, but the subjects themselves were unscathed. Cause of death could not be determined.

Following the conclusion of the Duprass Event, SCP-3745 disintegrated into calcium phosphate granules. These granules did not display any of SCP-3745's former properties.

The cover and edges of D-7721’s journal were charred, but its contents were mostly legible. Notable excerpts from D-7721's journal are attached below.

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