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SCP-3744 prior to containment. Faces of non-anomalous civilians have been redacted.

Item #: SCP-3744

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3744 is to be housed within a standard humanoid containment unit in Site-88. The containment unit is to be monitored via standard CCTV surveillance. Any changes in its behavior are to be noted and reported immediately. A Scranton Reality Anchor (SRA) is to be active within the containment unit at all times, and should maintain a Hume level of 80 except when SCP-3744 is utilizing its socialization privileges.

SCP-3744 may engage in supervised socialization for no longer than five hours weekly. During this time, four D-Class personnel with knowledge of table-top roleplaying games should engage SCP-3744 in a session of "Dungeons and Dragons". In order to allow for study of SCP-3744's abilities, the SRA present in its containment chamber may be lowered to Hume level 10. All sessions should be supervised electronically via security camera footage. Personnel are encouraged to remain in character and to maintain an amicable relationship with SCP-3744. Socialization privileges may be revoked if SCP-3744 ceases compliance with Foundation testing.

EDIT: Foundation policy regarding SCP-3744's "Dungeons and Dragons" sessions has been revised post Incident 3744-01. During future sessions, a Scranton Reality Anchor with Hume level 40 is required. Additionally, all participants in future campaigns must be pre-approved C-Class Personnel.

Description: SCP-3744 is a twenty-three (23) year old human male who weighs 76 kilograms and stands at a height of 1.8 meters. During sessions of the table-top roleplaying game "Dungeons and Dragons", SCP-3744 exhibits Class IV reality bending abilities, which it typically utilizes for the purpose of increasing the game's realism. These abilities include being able to expand or contract the inner dimensions of an enclosed space1, manifesting objects and living entities, and imparting anomalous properties to subjects within its effective range. This range is limited to the enclosed space it inhabits. It is unable to use its abilities while outdoors.

Outside of a "Dungeons and Dragons" setting, SCP-3744 has not yet demonstrated any anomalous abilities of significance. It has thus far demonstrated full cooperation with Foundation personnel.

On 06/24/2015, SCP-3744 was taken into custody by local police enforcement in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin as the result of a 911 call made by Andy M███████, SCP-3744's older brother, who asserted that he had been attacked by SCP-3744 and feared further physical violence to his person. M███████ additionally made claims regarding SCP-3744's anomalous abilities. Foundation agents were subsequently dispatched to investigate and recovery of SCP-3744 took place without incident.

Addendum 3744.1: Incident 3744-01

SES-3744-01 is the designation for the initial series of "Dungeons and Dragons" game sessions moderated by SCP-3744. The other participants in SES-3744-01 were D-3744-1 (as a Barbarian), D-3744-2 (as a Druid), D-3744-3 (as a Paladin) and D-3744-4 (as a Cleric). SCP-3744 appeared uncomfortable with the level of violence and general behavior that D-3744-1 and D-3744-3 demonstrated throughout the campaign.

Incident 3744-01 took place on 12/01/2015, immediately following SES-3744-01-015. The relevant section of SES-3744-01-015 has been excerpted below.

Subsequently, new policies were put in place regarding further "Dungeons and Dragons" sessions, including a higher Hume level setting for the Scranton Reality Anchor in SCP-3744's chambers and stricter regulations regarding participants in future campaigns.

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