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Item#: 3737
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A photograph of SCP-3737-1 during a Reunion event.

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has purchased the land that contains SCP-3737-1. Various signs have been posted around the area declaring it as federal property. Trespassers are subject to local law. A proposal to allow personnel to visit SCP-3737 during Reunion events is currently being reviewed.

Description: SCP-3737 is an inter-dimensional anomaly that manifests as a tropical island. The size of the island or the surrounding ocean has not been measured due to SCP-3737's limited accessibility. Per its anomalous nature, the island has no relative location, and exists in its own reality.

SCP-3737-1 is the entrance to SCP-3737, located on the ████████ Bridge in ███████████, Greenland. The entrance takes the form of an unstable Einstein-Rosen spatial anomaly, which is connected to a similar anomaly on a dock on the southern portion of SCP-3737. SCP-3737-1 is typically inaccessible, but can open at highly irregular intervals.1 These periods have been designated as "Reunion" events and last exactly 24 hours before SCP-3737-1 reverts to its inaccessible state. The spontaneous appearance of a wall of fog on the bridge housing SCP-3737-1 indicates a Reunion event. Passing through this wall is effectively entering SCP-3737-1.

SCP-3737-2 is the collective designation for the inhabitants of SCP-3737, which are various species of animals commonly kept as household pets. Instances of SCP-3737-2 are all present in their adolescent age and show no indications of poor health. These entities will engage in playful activities either with each other or with the various animal toys found on SCP-3737. No aggressive or territorial behavior has been observed in SCP-3737-2 instances.


An instance of SCP-3737-2.

Exploration Log 3737-1A: Due to the rarity of its appearance, a research team was granted permission to explore the nature of SCP-3737-1 when it spontaneously opened on October 6th, 2016. A security detail was assigned as a precautionary measure. All personnel were required to wear Class-A Environmental Hazard Suits until the location at the opposite end of SCP-3737-1 (later SCP-3737) was deemed habitable. The transcript of the subsequent video has been added to this file.

Addendum 3737-1B: Investigation into the nature of SCP-3737-2 has been postponed until SCP-3737-1 becomes stable. Upon further analysis, the collar tags found on the SCP-3737-2 instances featured no extraneous information besides the name of the instance. The appearance of various pet toys in SCP-3737 is also currently being investigated.

Addendum 3737-2B: Dr. Katherine Rostova was placed into quarantine following her return under the suspicion she was suffering from memetic effects. She was released a week later after clearing several cognitohazard screenings. Dr. Rostova is to meet with Site-24's psychiatrist on a weekly basis until such a time where she is deemed emotionally stable.

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